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Images of Your Future Self: Images of Your Future Self - Chapter Five

by Percabeth316

Percabeth316 Introducing two new characters: Jace and Nathan Parker.
Jace Parker sat outside, waiting for her brother.

She had been waiting for around ten minutes, and expected him to take longer.
After waiting another minute, she pulled her phone out of her book bag.
Just before she sent her brother a text asking where he was, she saw someone come out of the school across the street.
By the way the person was running over to her, she knew it was him.
"Sorry, Jace! I know I'm late..." He apologized, as he pulled a car key out of his jacket's pocket.
"Nathan Anthony Parker," Jace started, standing up. "Where the heck were you?"
"Jace Rosalind Parker, don't say my middle name here."
"Why not say it?" She asked, pulling her jacket sleeve back up on her shoulder.
Nathan glanced around them. "No one needs to know my initials spell NAP."
Jace stared at Nathan for a moment, before asking him again.
"Where were you?"
"Kim said she wanted to talk to me. And...well, she gave me something that I'll show you later." He answered, and gave his younger sister a slight shrug.
"You got to talk to Kim?" Jace asked.
Nathan nodded. "Yeah."
"What did she saaay?"
"I'll tell you later, okay? Right now, we should get going." Nathan said, holding up the key to his gray minivan.
"Why can't you tell me in the car?" Jace asked, tilting her head a bit.
"Talking can distract me when I'm driving. I need to stay focused."
"You're gonna blast Paradise Fears and sing along while you drive."
"That...helps me focus..."
Jace gave him a small smile. "Sure it does."
"Let's just go..."
"Okay, fine."
Nathan and Jace walked towards the parking lot, where Nathan's minivan was one of the few cars still there.
Jace quickly got into the passenger's seat, and set her book bag next to her feet.
Nathan got in the driver's seat a moment later.
"You pick a song, Jace." He told her, as he checked to make sure no one was coming as he began to pull out.
"You realize I'll just play You and The Pen, right?"
"Yeah, but that's not a bad song, so go ahead."
Jace hit play, and their thirty minute drive home began.
Once they got home, Jace started pestering Nathan about what Kim said.
"Okay, can I please get some food before I tell you?" He asked, walking to the kitchen.
Jace thought for a moment, following him. "Fine, but you better get me some food, too."