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i'm love/like every characters/shippings on anime tv games and magma

by pokemonemperorofall

pokemonemperorofall its a real short story about me how i gome to thing about all the characters and shippings on the anime tv games and magma
my mind is starts to hurt by thouhts about something i'm doing the same thing over and over with no reason or reasons i look the paper on the blog and see and say
george: what is wrong with me why i;m charge favorite character and ships its so comfused just tell why is so hard to choose
but them the looks at his blog and start to writh and he shocks his self up and he finali gets happy and he says
george: i finaly got it i'm love and like all the character and ships i fell better its so great
there no false but i'm finaly undestent the i'm love/like all the characters and shippings