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I'm Gonna write a story!!

by N Tategami

N Tategami Ehh... But I need a little help first... ^^;
Okay, so I join PokeCharms only a few days ago and now I'm ready to get to work on something so I can get out there a little. And to do something for Spring Break (even though I'll be away from home).

Anyways, If you read the title and summery of this I'm gonna write a story but I kinda need some help because I don't know what to write about. It's going to be Pokémon for sure but I'm not sure what it should be about.

So that's where you come in. I haven't been over all of the things on PokeCharms, so I don't know what types of stories on here. I have seen some art though. But I'm not good at digital art. Anyways, what types of Pokémon stories would you read is all I'm asking. Please tel me and thank you! ^.^
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  1. xnicktheGamerx
    Make some Trainer cards, and use those characters. You should write about a trainer who goes after their childhood enemy, who has become a criminal mastermind.
    May 21, 2015
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    First, just to help, a story of a trainer aiming to be the league champion is VERY cliché. And if that trainer is accompanied by his childhood friend/rival and a girl who wants to be a coordinator, I'd suggest you throw that idea on the trash can.
    What I want to say: Think outside of the box! For example, instead of doing it on the point of view of the trainer, why not on the Pokemon's?
    Apr 2, 2015