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If you were strong.

by William_Gamer

William_Gamer If you were to be succesful but not know to be doing (this is about if you are great, what could happen)
If you were strong:

You slowly wonder in the woods thinking to yourself.
You suddenly see a stone on the ground, you dicede to pick it up.
After you feel like your alble to do anything, what would I do?
You go out and meet up with your friends, you tell them about your experience.
A year after you find out all what you did on a year, you got better grades, you made a sciencetific descovery, you became famous.
Now were you are here, the question comes ... would you go back When you weren't succesful?
1 Is it worth it to go back. 2 I had more to do that time instead of being chased around by paparabsi.

These joices makes your future, use your time wisely, make what you think is best, and make a difference.. not only to yourself but as many people as possiple, YOU make a difference one way or another.

Writen by William_Gamer.