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If you get LOST I get Found (Chapter 1)

by Ms. Unicorn

Ms. Unicorn Margo (a 16 year old) was missing for 2 weeks. Her parents are worried. People try to find her but they just can't. Like the title says If you get LOST I get Found
It's been 2 weeks and Margo is still missing! her mom said to the officer. We are doing everything we can Miss. said the officer. Margo had run away from home because of her life. She hated it. In the last 2 weeks she broke up with her boyfriend, lost all of her friends, and got bullied everyday at her highschool. The town was called PaperTowns and it was famous for people running away and never coming back. The 2 reasons always seem to be that they died or they found a new town and called it their new home. her mom and dad hoped that she had not died but now they were not so sure about there luck for everything. The only clue is a little note that said (If you get LOST I get FOUND)
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  1. SparkyLewis949
    Ahh, another Paper Towns fan, eh? Well I enjoyed reading this, although the book states the town they live in was called Jefferson Park, but otherwise great story!
    Jul 24, 2015