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Super Smash Melee: If people want MORE......

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Here's to keep you guys satisfied! Had it in my Removable Disc for back up, so why not present it to you guys as a gift! Its shorter then the ones you'll be excepting, but meh.
Where all the fights are settled in 60 Seconds!!!
Two Fighters!!!
60 Seconds!!!

An Italian man in blue overalls walks around a racing track named after him. He bears a large black mustache under was big nose, crystal blue eyes a dark, brown hair. Underneath his overalls is a long sleeved, green shirt, which leads up to spotless, white gloves. He wears brown shoes and walks in a joyful way. This was none other than the younger Mario brother, Luigi Jumpman.
The happy go lucky ex-plumber looked around his track, proud. He had gone on so many adventures and having defeated Bowser several times with his brother, he thought he could use a little prize. And so the princess gave him his own race track. He was very happy with it, as it had become a Mario Kart track. Something he was very proud of.
Suddenly, he noticed a red beam shoot down from the sky and land right on his track. The beam materialised into a man in grey and red. He wore a red helmet with black shades underneath, covering his eyes. He had a grey suit underneath red armor. He had a red glove on one hand, while an arm cannon was strapped onto the other. He wore a red jock as well and crimson boots. This was the older brother of Mega Man, Proto Man. And he wasn’t just a man, no. He was a fighting robot.
Proto Man looked around for enemies and maybe even a Robot Master, but saw nothing. He did, however, spot Luigi, who he figured was the enemy.
Proto Man: Dr. Light COULDN’T have sent be the wrong coordinates…..Well, here goes nothin’.
The 1st Fighting Robot charged up his arm cannon, then aimed it at Luigi and fired. Luigi yelped and jumped high up in the air, dodging it.
Proto Man: Man, he jumps REALLY high. Better watch out…..
The scarlet shooter took out his Proto Shield and got in a combat stance, charging his arm cannon and aiming at Luigi again. The green capped Italian gulped and also got in a combat stance.
Luigi: Oh boy….Well, let’s a go…..
Go for broke, FIGHT!

Luigi ran to one of the stations on the circuit and jumped in a Go-Kart, then began driving. He drove at Proto Man, who tried blasting the kart, but his pellets were countered by Luigi’s fireballs. Proto Man was hit by the car, and went flying into the air. Proto Man growled and switched to the Super Arm, and punched the ground.
The cowardly sidekick fumbled around while driving, but turned around and hit a power up box. Luigi gained the Koopa Shell. He tossed it at Proto Man, who grabbed it and spun it back at Luigi. Luigi drove around it, but it bounced of a wall and hit Luigi’s kart in the back. Weegee growled and began chucking fireballs at Proto Man, but they were evaded.
Proto Man then switched to the Atomic Fire and sent a giant heat blast Luigi’s way. The Mushroom Hero yelped and tried to drive around it, but was hit and spun around, dizzy. Luigi blindly hit Proto Man, sending him flying into a sideline. Proto Man growled and used the Flame Sword, slashing at Luigi. The Italian Goofball countered using his hammer.
Luigi then did an uppercut with his hammer hitting Proto Man high into the air. Proto Man charged up a blast, then fired downwards, hitting Luigi in the head. Luigi groaned, then hit an item box and was given the boomerang. He tossed it at Blues, which he dodged, but it came back and hooked on to him in the back. Luigi noticed Blues and the Boomerang spinning back at him, so he began driving away.
Unfortunately for our favourite younger Mario Bro, the boomerang, along with the Red Bomber, was still chasing after him. Luigi jumped out of the kart and skid along the road, with the boomerang, along with Proto Man, hitting the kart and creating an explosion. Luigi noticed the explosion, so he took out a Super Leaf and became Cape Luigi, then flew away.
Luigi sighed in relief, thinking his opponent was gone. However, when he looked down, he saw Proto Man, who was sparking because of the damage. Luigi’s eyes widened, and he screamed in horror as Proto Man shot a fully charged Astro Crush directly at him. Luigi thought quick and spun around just as the blast hit him, which, thanks to the Cape, turned the blast around, now heading down at Blues. Proto Man’s eyes widened in fear, and cried out in pain as the large, nuclear blast hit him.
Luigi flew back down and looked around. The only thing he saw was Proto Man, who had somehow survived. However, the bot was knocked out, offline. Luigi decided to take Proto Man back to where he belonged via Warp Pipe, and flew away extremely fast right before the kart’s gasoline and the fire caused by the Astro Crush met, which created an extremely large explosion.
This melee’s winner is:
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