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If I were a gym leader

by Charlie the Charizard

Charlie the Charizard This idea was first made by Mr buddy a pokémon youtuber that I recommend
If I were a gym leader I'd be the 7th gym leader, I'd have a team of 5 with the dragon typing and they'd all have dragon pulse. My gym will set next to a montain and at the top I'd be waiting. The gym puzzle would be having to complete tasks including the elements of fire water grass and electricity. when u reach to the top you'll face me Charlie the Charizard.
my team will include in this order a Haxorus, noivern,tyrantrum,mega garchomp and my ace goodra (shiny). If some how u beat me ill present u the elemental badge an TM Dragon pulse if I get ten likes on this then ill go more in depth to my gym. Bye