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if i was in kanto part 1


so if i was in kanto first of my starter would be bulbasuar because 1.he is the best with gyms in the games 2.he's so gosh darn cute. so i start my journey.on route 1 i catch a caterpie and i come across a pidgey but pidgeys aren't my favorite so he's exp for bulbasuar. there isn't really any thing that happens up until my caterpie evolves into a metopod witch is kinda a problem cuz where not at brocks gym yet so i have to hope bulbasuar does well cuz the metapod only has harden.so when i reach brocks gym we manage to beat his geodude no problem and when his onix came by it was threatening but bulbasuar bearly mange to sweep by and beat brocks onix ok so i think i might as well do this as a series so bye