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If I was a gym leader

by Mrbanana

If I was a gym leader I would have a ground type gym. It would be in a crater, because we are going to be in the Alola region. I would be the last gym leader. Levels from 54 - 62.
I would have a strength maze, where you would have to push boulders into holes to activate switches that opened up the next room. There would be four room with 3 trainers each. To get to me you would need the move surf. I would have a green jacket w/ crazy blonde hair. My badge would be called the Rock Slide Badge. I would give you the HM Rock Smash. It would be located on the first island, but the road would be closed until you get the seven badges

Graveler 59
Golem 55
Graveler 59
Camerupt 61
Torterra 62