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If I had an evil team (Team CHAOS)

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain As a reply to Bird Keeper Toby's video here is my team if I was an evil organization LEADER (meaning I'm not using team rainbow since I'm an admin not a leader)
So team chaos is a team that takes the generic "rule the world" goal and changes it to something that can be possible to do if the team wishes to after accomplishing their goal, obtaining the ultimate power to be the strongest being on earth, and this power is not some super weapon or legendary, it's Ture Primordial Wisdom, pure knowledge unrefined or simplified by man kind, none of its aspects hidden or forgotten, and this is how they plan to

You, as the hero first meet 3 grunts at the city with the first gym, you'll find them raiding an antique store searching for an ancient and questionably truthful book, the grunts use ghost and steel type Pokémon, usually honedge, Duskull and Pawniard, and have from one to two Pokémon, the first two will challenge you separately but will be defeated, the third grunt will flee in fright with the book

Next you will meet team Chaos at the museum after beating the third gym, you beat half a dozen of them before being attacked with a smoke bomb that releases concentrated sleep powder, before you fall asleep you see a blurry figure that says "don't mess with us or you'll regret it" before leaving the museum with the rest of the grunts and some scrolls, you then wake up and head to the next town where you meet the figure that put you to sleep, one of the admins of team Chaos and one of my best friends Blue (@TooBlue12 ), she then says she hates it when trainers are stupid enough to cross her, Blue challenges you to a battle with her Dark type team consisting of her ace Shiny Zoroark, Honchkrow, Drapion and Mega Sharpedo, however she is beaten, she stays silent before letting out a laugh that is a laugh of joy not arrogance and saying she hasn't had a challenge for a long time and gives you her Mega stone before putting you to sleep again and leave

Later on you meet them again in a cave on an island, you manage your way through it before being challenged by 5 grunts in a horde battle and 3 elite grunts separately, elite grunts add psychic and fairy to their teams and have two to three Pokémon, they usually have doublade, pawniard, Duskull, Bronzor and klefki, however a fourth elite makes away with a slab of stone with ancient etchings

Soon the hero finds the evil team's base and steam rolls their way through it, the get challenged by admin John (@Eeveechu151 ) who specializes in electric types, he battles you with his ace Pikachu, Vikavolt, Rotom wash form and mega Apharos, after defeat he rushes to the boss to warn him about you, unaware of the mega stone he dropped which you take

You reach the boss' office and meet me, Team Chaos boss Pain, I challenge you to test your strength with a team of his ace Gengar, Beheeyem, Cradily, Garchomp and Primarina, you beat me and I say that it doesn't matter, you can't stop my plans, I WILL master the art of using magic and science as one no matter what or how, I then leave the room and carelessly tell the hero that I'm heading back to the island again

At the island you find a temporary lab set up where you'll meet admin and head scientist Two (@Mewtwofan259 ) who specializes in steel types and challenges you with his ace registeel, Aegislash, Scizor and mega Mawile, you beat him but he says he finished his job of cloning Pain's sentience into an AI, he inserts his mega stone into a slot in one of the machines which starts to absorb energy from the stone to self destruct the lab, a Beheeyem appears and teleports Two with it out, you remove the mega stone just in time to stop the countdown and take it

You venture further into the island and find a temple but before entering you are challenged by admin Midnight (@Midnight Princess ) who says she won't let you interrupt the Lazarus Project, she uses a team of psychic types, her Ace Espeon, Gardevoir, Malamar and mega Metagross, when defeated she escapes with a smirk while you enter unaware that she too dropped her stone and you took it, you find team chaos Alchemists who specializes in grass, poison and water Pokémon, namely Alolan muk, Seviper, Whimsicott, Liligant, Floatzel and Starmie, once beaten you find a pool of green glowing water in the center and Two on the other end, he explains using pollen and oils from grass Pokémon, anti poisons made from poison Pokémon toxins and fresh pure water from water Pokémon they have created the elixir of immortality and eternal youth, step one of their plan, he sets up explosives and leaves, forcing you to leave too

Later you meet them one last time before the post game right before the league back in their base, you challenge the admins one after the other, blue replacing sharpedo with Empoleon and adding a Vaporeon, John replacing Ampharos with shiftry and adding Mega Houndoom, Two replaces Mawile with Slowbro and adding Alakazam, and Midnight replacing Metagross with umbreon and adding Bisharp, you beat each admin and get into the room challenging me before I finish phase two, which is using celebi who is in a cage in the room, I challenge you with my first team but much stronger than before, you beat me but I manage to travel in time in the last second to 2,000 years before the Big Bang, and that's the last of team chaos till the post game

After beating the champion you are ambushed by team Chaos who drag you off to their base, they explain that in their boss' absence they followed instructions from the AI that Two made, and that they are waiting someone, a familiar person walks over, Pain, explaining that he waited and lived through existence from 2,000 years before the Big Bang till now thanks to project Lazarus, and that his wisdom is godly, he challenges you one last time with the same team and an additional prehistoric genesect, all in the 90s, you beat him, leaving all in shock and fear, team chaos disbands and try to turn over a new page, Blue, Midnight, Two and John even becoming gym leaders
  1. Mewtwofan259
    #TeamChaos Great job, Pain! (My name is Fritz, by the way.)
    Jun 26, 2017
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  2. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    Awesome! Thanks for including me in this! #TeamChaos
    Jun 26, 2017
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