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by Jayisonewithmuffins

Jayisonewithmuffins I really don't have an idea what this is .3.
Um is this where I type da story? Idk well I will put it here anyways. btw im new here I joined not too long ago xD well heres da storeh? WARNING GONNA BE SHORT WARNING K.

Once there was a kingdom, and do you know who ruled that kingdom? Jaypuff da legendary pokemon (A.K.A me). That Kingdom was called the Derp Castle but everyone was a hater and left as soon as jaypuff took over and named it Derp Castle. So one day a trainer came by looking for rare pokemon.That trainers name was Claire (IDK why I chose dat name lol).Claire saw Jaypuff all sad on its ditto throne,and said "Why might you be sad?"Jaypuff didn't know how to respond.So all Japuff said Telepathically was"..Everyone..Gone..Derp Castle...Lonely"Jaypuff dident know any Grammar (idk if I do either lol).Claire said"Oh this is the Derp Castle??? AHHH you must be Jaypuff!!!!!!"Jaypuff then sank into the ditto throne and became an egg.

The egg has purple w/ blue stripes and golden dots.

Want to know more..? Just comment down below I guess lol (XD I know you guys will probably go an hate this story and nobody will comment that they want more but whatevs) BAIIIII

If you like anime please tell meh :) im out of anime to watch except for pokemon lol recommend some anime please? BAII again lol
  1. DaVioletAce
    Oct 1, 2016
  2. Jayisonewithmuffins
    @DaVioletElite I have started watching Soul Eater now :D thanks for the recommendation!
    Sep 30, 2016
  3. DaVioletAce
    Soul Eater's my favorite. ;3 Anyways, It's ok honestly, but i think you should be more serious about it. :D Oh, and WELCOME TO POKECHARMS!
    Sep 27, 2016
    Jayisonewithmuffins likes this.
  4. Jayisonewithmuffins
    Have a favorite anime you like to watch? go ahead and tell me xD also if you don't like the pokemon Jaypuff that I created just tell me and recommend some different names for it.Ty for reading bai
    Sep 27, 2016