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Icy Aurora: Icy Aurora Chapter 4

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim
"What? How?" Why would some Pokemon extremely vulnerable to ice travel to Mt. Moon?

"I was a troublemaker back then as a Hoppip. One night, I wanted to see what was at the top of Mt. Moon." Jumpluff sighed and looked down at the ground.

"Well that's a very bad idea!" interrupted Snover.

"But I did so. All I did was keep going, not focusing on anything that would hurt me. After I got out of one of the caves, I saw you, Sneasel. I swear you almost died. You were just limp there, and I thought something scary happened, so I just went back to the forest, and I sent you to our medicine Pokemon."

"Wow..." Sneasel was startled. Jumpluff saved his life. After all this time. How come she never told him?

"I did the same to Snover."

"Thank you so much... I can't believe it... just thank you. The forest is thankful to have you." Sneasel smiled.

"But you can't stay here forever. The forest is not meant for you." Jumpluff started. "I have to bring you two back. But for now, stay here."

Sneasel felt it. The forest wasn't meant for him. He felt discomfort in the sunshine and he didn't fit in with the other Pokemon around him. Snover must feel the same, even though he spent little time in the forest.

"But what about the Houndoom and Elektrike?" Snover inquired.

"We'll worry about that later." Jumpluff said. "But for now, lets get ready." Jumpluff showed Sneasel one of her puffs, which held a tiny claw. "Take it, and never let go of it."

Sneasel slowly picked up the claw. It was his now.
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