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Icy Aurora: Icy Aurora Chapter 3

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim
Sneasel could feel a tiny hand prodding his side, which disturbed him from his sleep. He opened his eyes, which looked like tiny slits. From his small sight, he could see an outline of a Snover. What was this Pokemon doing here? Why was it even here in the first place?

"Um..." the small Snover muttered.

"Yes?" Sneasel sat up, and stretched his arms, still sleepy form the nap he was taking.

"Hello... I'm new.... here." the Snover answered.

"What are you doing in the forest? There are only grass type Pokemon here." Sneasel's comment hit him like the times when Jumpluff would use Energy Ball on him, just to be playful.

"You're a Sneasel. I've seen you before, and you're and ice type. What are you here?" spat Snover.

Sneasel didn't like talking about his past often, because one, it was the past, and he didn't need to worry about it anymore, and two, it saddened him to talk about his parents. "Reasons you don't need to know..."

"Were you chased out by the Houndoom and Electrike too?" Snover asked.

Sneasel had no clue about these Pokemon. The only thing he knew is that Houndoom is a fire and dark type (like him), and it would obvious that Snover would be here because Snover WOULDN'T be able to stand a chance against Houndoom. On the other hand, Electrike is a electric type, and probably an ally of one of the Houndoom.

"Answer me!" Snover shouted.

Sneasel shook out his thoughts. "Well, I don't know who they are." He put his hand behind his head and scratched it. "But I have one question. What are you doing here, apart from hiding from the Houndoom and all?"

"I hid in a cave, and I passed out. I just appeared here."

"That's all? I mean, how did you get here?"

"Sneasel." Sneasel turned around. It was Jumpluff. "I brought him here. Like how I did with you."