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Icy Aurora: Icy Aurora Chapter 2

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim
"All grass type Pokemon, gather around for a meeting." roared Torterra, the leader of all the grass Pokemon in the forest.

Since Sneasel wasn't a "grass" type, he usually just sat at the side, sometimes listening to what Torterra says. Sneasel stared closely at the passing Budew, Oddish, and Cottonee. Their colors glistened of green, and sometimes white, or blue. Envy passed through Sneasel, because he wanted the colors of green to fit in. Suddenly, Jumpluff passed by.

"Sneasel," Jumpluff paused to look at Sneasel. "this is important, I would like it if you joined in. Torterra would also like it, also."

"No thanks..." Sneasel replied. He continued leaning on the tree.

Torterra's two sons, Grotle and Turtwig, tramped across over to their father. Breloom was rushing over to sit down in front of the leader. Cottonee was levitating over.

"Grass types of this forest, I am here to say berries are becoming scarce around here. It's the season to plant at least one berry from each tree. We have to do this as swift as we can before the berries freeze in the harsh winter and we can't eat them anymore," Torterra announced. "Everyone here has to help out,"

Everyone help out? That means me all right. Sneasel thought.

After some more news, Torterra dismissed the grass types. Sneasel took a step, then another to stand up. He stretched out his arms as if he was touching the edges of the forest. Everyone was picking berries and planting them, but Sneasel thought they had enough to last until winter.

Sneasel jumped into the bushes, clawing away the tiny branches that stuck onto some of his fur. After he pounced out of the bushes, he laid down to take a nap.
    Great story! I can't wait to read Chapter 3!
    Nov 26, 2016
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