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Icy Aurora: Icy Aurora Chapter 1

by Dim Dim

Dim Dim
Sunlight fluttered down into the trees, followed by a soft wind. Having his paws imprinted into the warm grass made Sneasel feel weird. Every time he stood in the grass, it reminded Sneasel about something. Sneasel didn't feel comfortable about living somewhere where he doesn't belong. Having to be radiated by the sun. Being in the middle of a cluster of grass types.

"Why?" he asked himself. "Just why did this have to happen?" After Sneasel hatched out of his egg that fateful night, his parents were brought to death. All he could remember was blue and white flashing in his mind. Like everything was happening very fast. Then there was a vast darkness.

"Do you want any berries, Sneasel?" Jumpluff was approaching Sneasel.

"Oh, ok, sure," Sneasel answered. His memories faded away like the snow melting, moving it onto spring. Jumpluff handed Sneasel a occa berry. "Thanks, Jumpluff, you're the best."

"No problem." Jumpluff floated away from Sneasel, which gave him some time to think.

Sneasel took a bite out of the occa berry. The taste flooded in his cheeks, making him wonder about the future, and what it might have in mind for him. If he was going to return back to his original home, he needed help. It wasn't easy going up Mt. Silver.