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Pokemyst: I wish you luck.....

by Epikart

The next day,Kyle sent out his Blissey and forced it to cook him some eggs.Hitmonlee and Dragonair were still in their Pokeballs.Hitmonlee secretly came out and left the place his owner lived.He walked until he found a little face,just the one he was looking for.
A tiny little Tympole stared up at Hitmonlee,eyes wide with confusion.It had been years since he saw the Pokemon.Hitmonlee bent down and spoke to the small creature.
He said,"Tympole,I must be quick.I have come to ask a favor.A friend of mine,a Dragonair,belongs to my trainer.Remember him?"Tympole shuddered at the mention."I thought so.Anyway,I shall give you instruction."And the Hitmonlee gave the Tympole a plan.Dragonair would finally be free to live away from abuse.
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