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Katie's Alolan Adventures: I Swear I'm Not from Kanto

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto Does nobody in this god forsaken island region know that I'm from Kalos? Couldn't they just ask where I'm from?? (slight sun and moon spoilers? Not really)
"So you're from Kanto yeah?"

You stop mid bite and glare at Lily. "No." you say, "No I am not. I'm from Kalos."

Lily pauses, and looks aside briefly in confusion for a moment. Turning back to you, she sets her malsada down and comments, "But the professor-"

"No, the professor said that Sun's family came from Kanto. I'm staying with them so I can take on the Island Challenge; I'm from Kalos."

An awkward silence passes, and you just chew on your malsada in silence with your popplio beside you. Finally, Lily speaks up to break the quiet.

"Sorry." She says meekly. You try to ignore the fact that she sounded 100% not sorry and shrug.

"Don't worry about-"

"It's just that-" oh for the love of god- "You act like you're from Kanto and you're just so pale so I thought-"

You stand up, grab Lottie (popplio) in your arms and leave the store promptly without any forewarning. Lottie squeaks angrily and wiggles in your grasp, but you're already half way to the beach.

Pale? Seriously? That's what made people think you're from Kanto? Has anyone on this side of the globe ever heard of the eastern side of Kalos?

You pass Hau and he waves at you excitedly. "Hey Katie where're ya goin'?"

You decide to straight up ignore him in favor of sitting face down in the sand, clothes still on and everything. What the hell. What the literal actual hell is wrong with people. In hindsight, you know that you're almost scarily white, but what the hell.

Lottie barks at you and sniffs your face eagerly. When you give no response, she decides that going to Hau to play with his Litten would be a better idea than sitting with her depressed, white owner.

You're not from Kanto. But sweet lord are you pale.