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Short Stories: I Ship It

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper
"I'm going to send it!" John yelled as he texted his crush. "What are you sending?" Joe asked. He looked on the phone to see I have a crush on you. :o"Wow you got the balls to do that?" Joe asked. *On the other side*
BEEP BEEP! "Huh?" Salami asked herself as she grabbed her phone. "AUGH!" she yelled blushing and throwing her phone on the ground. She typed as fast as she could. Beep beep! "Huh?" John wandered as he grabbed his phone. "YES YES YES!":blush: John said running around. Joe grabbed his phone looking and seeing the word yes. "Wow! I ship it."Joe said with attitude in his voice leaning on his bed. "Huh?" John said as he stopped in his tracks."Yeah Mayonnaise."he laughed. "HEY BE QUIET!" John yelled chasing Joe around his room.