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I made a full version of my Icon! ^_^

by SharkByte

Untitled27-7.png Screenshot_2019-08-06-12-32-59.png Screenshot_2019-08-06-12-11-27.png
SharkByte I felt bad for the poor icon....not having a body XD...so I finnaly got off my A** and made one! I used a f2u base by Krapette on Diviantart! I love how I made a whole new layer to add the icon in the middle as a refrence XD....I wasnt about to switch between Ibis paint and my gallery XD...in total including the original icon...this guy took 7 hours to make...(the Icon took five...and I was nitpicky with the ref sheet XD so it took 2)

*Takes Pen and notebook out*

Alright! Im asking for legit criticism...im not rejecting compliments...but I would like some feed back as to what I can do better...that doesnt mean be a jerk though....

Base by Krapette: https://www.deviantart.com/krapette/art/Canine-reference-sheet-base-V3-FREE-TO-USE-790249438 (Canine reference sheet base V3 [FREE TO USE])