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Loki Doki: I could make you scream if I wanted

by Bumbletime

I could make you scream if i wanted.png Devil's Train finished paint.png
Bumbletime He killed Loki. And Grace.
But don't worry.
Loki will come back he is still alive.
and then he will kill Broken Crown who will kill him and they both die so the Saturn x Felicity can live on forever, not that it was ever fanon yet alone canon, we should ignore this ship. Loki will live and Saturn won't get depressed, Felicity will find love (hopefully)
Yeah yeah Technically this is Broken Crown but still

Speedpaint will be out soonnnn

So yeah substitute for inktober because I 100% failed that.
Inspired by The Lab Rats' Devil's Train
  1. qlovers
    tfw somebody doesn't let you play with their pet
    Oct 24, 2019
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