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Season 3: (Project Dino): I can't draw hair.

by donald.duck

d0e8d3d6-df2e-4498-8fbb-61a2d9cf473f copy.png
donald.duck I was just drawing a new profile, and thought: "Hey! I'll spice it up!" So, I drew a bunch of jokes and stuff that I love (Scooby-Doo). There's Sanic on the left folks along w/ Scooby Doo, Mario's hat,
Goldfish pack, and a Pokéball. On the right we have Finn, The WiiX, ROAR, Kirby, No this is Patrick, and the Inside Out cast. On the bottom is Charizard and the top is Navi: Hey Listen! Goodbye friends! See you later folks.
  1. wOaH
    I want a WiiX.
    Aug 15, 2018