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Collaboration Stories: Hunting a Creator - Pt. 1

by sonicdash759

sonicdash759 Another RP, this time, we meet a new face, Nicole learns about the lore behind the area, and Aria is finally put into action
"Go Aria!"

From the Dive Ball materialized a mermaid-looking Pokemon with an obvious blue coloration. It had ocean blue lips and black eye shadow with a black streak running from the bottom of the eye to its cheeks. Long dark blue hair flowed behind as well as covered part of its eyes. What looked like a blue top appeared to be some sort of armor. Its arms were pale blue just like its head and torso and at the end of each arm was a stub as well as a smaller stub, apparently a thumb. As for the rest of it, a blue mermaid tail.

This was the water/dark-type found in the Beya region.

This was Lullamera.

"Lulla!" It exclaimed before landing in the water with a large splash.

As for Aria and Nicole's opponent: None other than the gargantuan sized Kingdra who overthrew its own kind. It screeched loudly before lunging at the mermaid Pokemon.

Nicole quickly issued her first command. "Dodge it and then use Dark Pulse!"

Aria followed through, barely avoiding the beast by mere inches before unleashing a pulsing blast of dark energy at the foe! "Mer!"

It was a direct hit and the wild Kingdra stumbled back.


Netta looked up in the direction the noise had come from.

Her Dusknoir poked its head upward as the sound echoed through the narrow pathway running through the dense trees.

"That sounded like..." Before Netta could finish, another splash found her ears, this time followed by a very familiar cry.

"...That's a Kingdra," she realized, yanking out her Dusknoir's Pokeball and returning him to it before taking off down the pathway as fast as her feet could carry her.

If there were Kingdra in that river she'd passed earlier, she'd totally missed out on seeing them.

"MERA!!" wailed the water/dark-type as it flew through the air, landing in some shrubbery out of the water!

Nicole quickly turned to Aqua who was watching the whole battle unfold. "Surf Aria back into the lake, Aqua!" She instructed.

The other water-type immediately acted, summoning a large wave that carried Aria back towards safety.

Unaware that a curious trainer was just arriving, Nicole looked back to the wild Kingdra who was readying another attack.

"Sing, Aria!" Nicole ordered before covering her ears, knowing that a vocal attack from Aria had some...captivating side-effects.

Aria beamed before vocalizing.

For a second, the wild Kingdra appeared to be entranced by the song until it suddenly began to nod off, starting to sink back into the water...

Netta jumped over a fallen log across the path, nearly losing her balance as her sneakers dug too deeply into the rutted gravel path. Realizing she would fall and skin herself horribly on the rocky ground, she threw herself into the grass beside the road, rolling through the thick green blades and piles of leaves. Her bare arms and legs immediately started to itch like crazy, but she swiped her hair from her eyes and jumped up, continuing her run.

She'd just come to the clearing surrounding the river when she heard another terrific splash, followed by a frightened trainer's cry. Netta spun to the left just in time to see a wall of water surge above the ground. She ran full speed toward it, yanking out her Dusknoir's poke-ball.

Just as she crested the hill, she caught sight of a female trainer below, a Vaporeon at her feet...and a beautiful water Pokemon, surfing the wave of water back into the lake.

"Whoa..." Netta gasped, watching the scene unfold. The surging water hit the lake, and the wave sucked the water downward...revealing a massive Kingdra, it's head poking out of the water as it readied to attack.

"...Watch out!" Netta cried out.

But her voice became drowned out by the voice of the mermaid Pokemon, who suddenly began to sing. The melody drifted over the water, the wonderfully soothing sound even seeming to deaden the wind. The Kingdra's eyes suddenly drooped closed, and the huge Pokemon fell backward into the water, disappearing from view.

Netta let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd inhaled, the sound even making her a little drowsy.

Still oblivious to any newcomers, Nicole enlarged a Dive Ball and threw it at the wild Kingdra. The ball hit the beast's head just before it disappeared under the water.

The device sucked the creature inside and closed before landing in the water and starting to sink to the bottom, the faint red blinking light of the button being the only indicator that the Kingdra was still fighting to free itself.

Nicole and her Pokemon watched and waited...


In a bright flash of light, the wild Kingdra rose out of the water, awake and a bit angry!

Nicole frowned. "Shoot! It was so close!" She exclaimed.

Netta gazed at the massive sea-horse like Pokemon, unable to believe her eyes. Just the head was protruding from the water and even that was as big as she was!

The creature roared again, and Netta gasped as the monstrous Pokemon lifted its head, its eyes piercing right into her own.

Netta stood frozen, unable to move. The Pokemon floated there in the lake, at least a hundred yards away from her, and yet...

Suddenly more shrill calls of anger filled the air, and Netta could see two more Kingdra - smaller but still as ferocious-looking as the first - gazing at her and the female trainer on the shore just below her.

"Hey," she called down toward her, "It's health isn't--"

An audible whoosh reached Netta's ears a second before a powerful stream of water slammed into her back. The torrent knocked her forward and she tumbled down the grassy hill. Somewhere in the tumble, she felt the poke-ball slip from her grasp.

Once she felt herself stop, she opened her eyes...and came face-to-face with the shoes of the other trainer.

"Ow," she mumbled, pushing herself up onto one elbow. "...They must have surrounded us."

Her pink hair was soaked through, and she shook her head, only making her hair frizz even worse. "Ugh! I'm gonna knock that thing into next week for this!"

Nicole and Aqua were now frozen in fear. Flashbacks from the time when River and Nicole had encountered the two Kingdra played in the girl's mind before realizing that they weren't alone anymore...

Looking down, Nicole saw another girl, soaking wet and pretty ticked off...

Just as she was about to reply, the trio of wild Kingdra let out roars of anger.

Nicole was able to act fast enough to save both her and the new girl's behind from a triple Hydro Pump attack.

Now on the ground, Nicole snatched two other balls from her belt before throwing them up in the air. "Time to even out the odds. Luna! Primrose! Moonblast and Leaf Tornado!" She instructed.

A Gardevoir and a Roserade appeared, following directions and using said moves on the normal-sized Kingdra.


"Those attacks won't do you any good if they can still move!" Netta glanced around, looking for her missing poke-ball. She spotted it and jumped toward it, but skidded to a stop when another massive jet of water pulverized a rock beside her into dust. The wet, gritty powder blasted her right in the face, and she had to throw her arms up to keep the machine-gun spray of sand from ripping the skin off her face. "Ah!"

Nicole gasped. "Oh no! Luna, protect that trainer!" She ordered.

Luna nodded in understanding before teleporting over to Netta and using Protect, shielding the once helpless girl from the blast and buying her time to do what she needed to.

Nicole looked to her other Pokemon. "Cover your eyes everyone! Aria, let em have it with Siren's Shriek!" the girl instructed before holding her own ears, bracing herself.

Aria took a huge breath of air before...


What sounded like an ear shattering scream was the special dark-type move known as Siren's Shriek. A self explanatory and obviously sound-based move, all opposing Pokemon who heard it took a big chunk of damage as well as having a chance of being confused.

The leader of the Kingdra trio only took damage while his two henchmen looked dazed from the shriek.

Netta had to blink against the onslaught in her ears. Though it wasn't nearly as harsh for her as it must have been for those Kingdra.

But she was determined to help this girl against these beasts. That Dive-Ball from before had nearly worked, and if she could bag herself a Kingdra while helping out, that would be an epic bonus to take back to her gym.

She scrambled over and snatched up her dropped Poke-ball, tossing it into the air. The ball popped open and her Dusknoir appeared in a flash of brilliant light. "Dusknoir...Black Hole!"

Her Ghost Pokemon called an affirmative, hovering in place above the lake surface. The Pokemon closed its eyes and lifted its arms. A swirling whirlpool of dark energy enveloped the surface of the lake around the massive Kingdra, and suddenly its companions began crying out in surprise.

"They can't move anymore! Finish 'em before that wears off!" Netta yanked another ball from her pocket and tossed it into the air. Another brilliant blaze of light revealed her Yamask, curly hands outstretched as it floated in the air next to Dusknoir. "Yamask...Shadow Ball on that Kingdra to the right!"

The Pokemon didn't even bother to reply, holding its arms together, and a roiling mass of purple, sparking energy formed between its hands. The mass quickly grew to twice the Pokemon's size before it unleashed the attack, which plowed into the water with astonishing speed. A geyser of water erupted into the air, covering the whole lakeside with misty rainfall. A wave surged outward, briefly submerging the other paralyzed Kingdra. The one who'd taken the attack drifted limply on the lake surface, eyes swirling as it lay knocked out cold.

Nicole and her Pokemon watched in amazement. They felt determination and vigor once again. Nicole returned Primrose to her ball, feeling confident about her other Pokemon. "Come back, Primrose. Luna and Aria will take it from here," she assured before turning back to said team members. "Aria, use Assurance on the smallest one and Luna, Moonblast on the leader but don't overdo it. That one's mine!" With that said, Nicole readied another Dive Ball.

Both Pokemon followed orders, Luna being extra careful to leave the wild beast weak enough for capture. As for Aria, she was lucky enough to deal critical damage.

Now it was Nicole's turn! Taking a deep breath, she launched the ball hard, once again hitting the giant on the head before it sucked the creature inside and hit the water with a splash, sinking to the bottom.

Everyone watched and waited as the dim red light continued blinking...


The light faded and Nicole cheered, as did her Pokemon.

Another successful capture.

Netta watched the girl's Dive-ball capture the huge Kingdra, happy that they'd managed to capture the large one, but little dismayed she'd missed out on the chance to nab one herself.

Once everything finally calmed down, she recalled her Yamask, and her Dusknoir floated across the lake surface to the shoreline. The water still rippled from her Yamask's massive Shadow Ball attack, and both Netta and the other girl were soaking wet following the battle.

Netta patted her Dusknoir's head. "Nice job, Dusky," she said before turning to the side, "...And you too. I've never seen that Water-type before."

Nicole wringed out her hair as she looked back to the new girl and her Dusknoir. "Hm? Oh you mean Aria? I get that a lot around here. As far as I know, Lullamera is a Pokemon only found where I come from," and with that, Nicole finished drying off a bit before rummaging through her bag and pulling out a rather well-worn Pokedex device, turning it on, and flipping through its digital pages before finally finding the water/dark-types entry.



As Nicole was putting her Pokedex away, she felt a tug on her sock: There was Aria holding the Dive Ball containing Kingdra. "Ah! Thanks Aria!" The girl smiled, accepting the ball and putting it away in her bag.

Aria smiled back before swimming off into the lake to play with Aqua.

Nicole watched them go before realising something. "Oh sorry! I should introduce myself. I'm Nicole from Beya region's Paloma City!" She held out her hand.

Netta smiled. "Netta Bramson. I'm a bit of a Ghost type fan, if you hadn't already noticed." She patted her Dusknoir on the back. "Sorry we got so wet. I didn't think Yamask could throw down a Shadow Ball that big." She pulled off her soaked t-shirt, and wrung it out before wiping down her hair with it before adjusting the straps on the one-piece swimsuit she had on underneath it, throwing a glance at the two Pokemon splashing happily in the lake. "Paloma's a bit of a ways from here. What's got you interested in this area?" she asked Nicole.

Nicole smiled. "Well, I'm actually a marine biologist. I guess you could say this is a bit of a vacation for me and my Pokemon but thanks to this Kingdra and the large underwater maze a friend of mine showed me some time ago, I think this might be a "business trip" for us!" She giggled, returning Luna back into her ball as well. No rescue missions now...or atleast for the time being...

After seeing she wasn't the only one with a swimsuit underneath, she decided a quick dip wouldn't hurt. She was wet anyways and it's been awhile since she spent some time with Aria.

Nicole began to strip down to her usual blue two piece.

"Oh, an underwater maze, huh?" Netta started to take off her shorts. "That must have been..."

She froze for a second, and then her eyes lit up. She grabbed Nicole by her shoulders. "Wait! You're the girl who River was telling me about?! That was you?!"

Netta didn't even give Nicole a chance to try and reply. "Ohmigosh! You totally saved her skin that time! How did you guys even manage that?! You took on two Kingdra the size of houses, right?!"

Nicole didn't say anything at first. "Uhh....yeah. That was me..." She paused to process what was just said to her. "Well it wasn't just me who saved us. That giant Kingdra I just caught was one of the two that tried to drown us but for some reason ended up saving us during the final battle...River mentioned that that part too, right?" she asked.

"They almost drowned you?!" Netta was in shock. No, River hadn't mentioned anything like that. "She didn't tell me anything like that! What in the heck did you guys get into?"

She'd never heard of Kingdra acting like that before. Sure, they were aggressive, but she'd never been straight up attacked like they'd been just now.

She looked at Nicole, her confusion evident, before a stray memory clicked. "Hang on...River didn't have you chasing after that wild rumor about this lake, did she?"

Nicole shook her head. "I didn't even know there were any rumours about this place. I just got here at the time and I was just curious! I never expected a Kingdra the size of a bus to be living down there. Sure I've heard of Pokemon in really strange sizes but up until that point, the biggest size I've seen is Kyogre!"

Aqua poked her head out of the water upon hearing that. "Por?"

Aria did so too only because she heard tension between the two girls.

Netta heard the Vaporeon speak, and noticed that Nicole's Pokemon were eyeing her. She quickly released Nicole shoulders. "Sorry...I guess I got a little excited there."

She made a mental note to bribe River into telling her the whole story with a trip to her favorite ice cream shop, before taking a deep breath.

"This is only a rumor, but...apparently, some kids were spelunking in the hollowed out limestone caves around here a while ago during a night with a full moon, and they saw something."

Nicole noticed that Aqua and Aria were now right beside her, attentively listening.

"What did they see?" Nicole asked.

Netta swallowed. "Supposedly...a Giratina."

Nicole just stared. "A...what?" she asked, obviously never having heard of such a thing...

Netta wasn't surprised. "It's not very well known outside of Sinnoh, apparently," she said, pulling a wrinkled piece of paper out of the pocket of her shorts, which she pulled off before handing the paper to Nicole. "Apparently, it's one of the three legendary Pokemon that are in the creation legend of the Sinnoh region. It's a half Ghost and half Dragon type, and I've been searching for one since I started training in Asperita City."

The paper she'd handed Nicole was a picture she'd printed from a message board with a fuzzy image of a Giratina on it someone had managed to snap from Sinnoh.

Nicole studied the image and shuddered a bit. "But if it's a Pokemon from Sinnoh, then what's it doing here?" She asked.

"That's what I'd like to know." Netta pointed in the direction she'd come from. "River and I used to play around here when we were kids. There are a bunch of caves with rare mineral deposits over that ridge. We're not all that far from the ocean here, and this area gets a lot of tectonic activity, too."

She looked back to Nicole. "That's gotta be one of the rarest Pokemon around. If we can find it, get a picture of it..." Her eyes glistened. "Heck...if we maybe can even catch it..."

Nicole knew where this might be heading to. "Are you saying...you want to go look for it?" she asked.

Netta smiled again, patting her large Dusknoir on it's head as it floated beside her. "I definitely wouldn't mind the help if you wanna tag along. I was trying to drag River out here but she's out of town."

She held out a hand to Nicole. "How about it? Wanna help me find it?"

Nicole pondered for a bit, looking to her Pokemon for approval.

Aqua was more than thrilled for another adventure and Aria didn't seem to mind either. If her Pokemon were up for it, how could she say no?

Nicole smiled back before accepting. "Let's do it!"
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