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Journeys: Hunter Black

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert Hunter Black, is a gym leader that no one can beat. He misses being out in the life of a young trainer. He wants to be out there, on his journey again.
I fall back in my chair as the trainer I just demolished leaves the gym. My heart is still beating fast from the adrenaline of a great pokemon battle. My team is unstoppable, only a great trainer can stop it. Sometimes, I want a trainer to come and destroy me. Seeing that look of despair in their eyes as they walk out of my underground gym. I remember what it feels like to have the joy, of beating a gym leader. My gym is hidden, an extra gym in the unova region. They have the joy of finding the gym, yet they can rarely beat me. It's pokemon league rule, I have to give a battle my most. Of course trainers can beat me, but only by a hair on their chinny chin chin. Bouffalant lays his furry head on my lap.
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