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Gaiien Region: Hungry Hungry Gators: Goredile and Grendile

by Keleri

goredile line.png
Keleri Goredile → (Trade, Dragon Scale) Grendile

#044 - Goredile (gore + crocodile)
Gharial Pokémon
This pokémon is responsible for many injuries and accidents. Unfortunately, people underestimate them due to their cute appearance.
Learnset: Poison Sting, Leer, Poison Fang, Bite, Poison Tail, Aqua Tail, Acid Tongue, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Breath, Crunch, Haze, Fake Tears, Venom Drench, Ice Fang, Mud Shot, Mud Wave, Poison Breath, Swagger, Miasmatics, Death Roll

#045 - Grendile (Grendel + crocodile)
Glutton Pokémon
It is one of the rare pokémon that does regularly consume matter for energy. It will gorge itself on anything it can find and then sleep for months buried in the river mud.
Base Stats: 110/100/90/100/90/40 (530)
Ability: Thick Fat/Gluttony/[Miasma(activates poison-type environmental effect on switch-in)]
Learnset: Noxious River, Surf, Outrage, Dragon Jaw, Dragon Roar, Imperial Wrath, Belch, Sludge Wave, Gunk Shot, Snore, Sleep Talk, Rest, Ice Beam, Iron Tail

I've tried to avoid too much of my worldbuilding in these 'dex entries so that they're understandable to newcomers, but I thought maybe this one would be a hook for those interested. In the Gods and Demons universe, pokemon don't eat for nourishment, but rather absorb energy from the environment and from battling. They can eat small amounts of food and treats. It's weird but it actually lines up with the games, where you never feed your pokemon aside from pokeblocks/poffins/pokebeans/etc. and potions. Wild pokemon come into conflict and battle with one another in order to control territories with high environmental energy. They can eat each other(!) but there are... side effects. People don't eat pokemon either, animals still exist and pokemon are relatively rare to be eating indiscriminately if you even could.

Grendile and Snorlax are a couple of pokemon that do regularly eat matter (usually plant-based, but whatever doesn't manage to run away ) and they're avoided by people due to their indiscriminate habits.