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Human Gardevoir (Mature/Mother style)

by JetPunx-R

JetPunx-R This is my Gardevoir drawing of her, after seeing multiple human versions of her, I just thought I could join in and so I did. I enjoyed how she came out. And yes, but the title, I plan on drawing a somewhat child looking Gardevoir. I'll just say the child personality/style will probably be based around Rakkuguy's Airalin Gardevoir. Anyways, i'll see ya later when I draw her sooner or later. Hope you guys like it!
  1. HolyZoey
    I Love the eyebrows (So Big :p) i love it!
    Apr 18, 2016
  2. JetPunx-R
    Apr 18, 2016
    julisnivy likes this.
  3. julisnivy
    looks like her chest gonna explode...
    nice job with the eyes!
    Apr 18, 2016
  4. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 17, 2016