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Human evolutions

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Hey! I'm not dead, I promise. XD

Anyway, I was doing a whole bunch of messing around on my IPad today and rediscovered my artistic apps (it was hacked a while ago, my iPad that is) and decided to go for a spin.

I've been working with my friend, who is moving to Italy to go to art school in the next few years, lately and I've been watching her detail and such. This is the result of a lazy Wednesday afternoon and a few of my art-friend's references.

The latest picture is depicting how I used to think of myself, mashed with a bit of elements from my current self and probably a lot of chibi influence- may or may not make a roleplaying character out of her. XD the other three are previous works of OC humans I've had- Theyre still in my works section.

The point is, I'm very happy with how this little draft turned out and I might color and shade it too in the near future, but it's amazing to see transformation in one's self; even if it's not evident at first.