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How to write a "Good Story" (remade)

by Sylvious

Hello! It's Redmew/Sans X/Special Mew/Pokemonace here, teaching you on how to create a "Good Story"! Of course, all stories are good in their own way, and you can't make a perfect story. Though, this work will teach you on improving your writing. I've made another work on how to create a good story, but that was a while ago, and I wasn't as good at writing as I am today. So lets start!

1. Think of an idea
Good writers don't have come up with an idea immediately! In fact, writers have a term called Writers Block, when they have trouble thinking of ideas for a large period of time. If you need to, buy a notebook. Write what is on your mind, and eventually you should think of something. Write the idea down just in case if you forget it. Once you think of the idea, debate whether it's interesting. If it is, continue.

2. Create a timeline
You need to have a basic knowledge of the story. Create a timeline of the events happening in the story. It doesn't have to be detailed, as you are going to make it more detailed in the draft. Once you have created a full timeline of the events in the story, continue.

3. Create the main characters
Think of the main character's personality and what role they play as. When thinking of their personality, don't make all of your character's have the same personality. Make each of them unique. Then, give them a name. Write all this down in a notebook.

4. Create the first draft
Use your notes to create your first draft. Write the entire story, using the timeline and the main characters. Make it very detailed, but don't worry about the grammar and punctuation. The first draft often takes the longest to do, so be patient.

5. Create the final draft
Now that you have created your first draft, you have to revise it to make a final draft. Look at your work for mistakes. You can use a spellchecker to support you. Fix typo's and punctuation, and add and take out information if you need to. Once you have fully revised your story, you are ready to share it.

6. Put it on the internet
Now that your story is finished, you need to share your work on the internet. You can put it on fanfiction.net, Wattpad, Pokecharms (Obviously), and a lot more websites. Once you have shared it, you are finished. Good job, it probably took a few weeks or even a month.
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