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Pokemon Haiku: How to make a Pokemon Haiku

by Starsheep333

1:Think of the Pokémon for example: Ditto
2:Think of what is different about that Pokémon than other Pokémon
for Ditto it would be his blob like form but you can still talk about
the most famous thing about them like how Ditto can Transform
but he's/she's not the only one that can do so
3:Think of a sentence and convert it into 5 syllables
Do this again with 7 syllables and them 5 syllables again
1:Avoid Using the name of that Pokémon like my all my Haikus so far
2:It doesn't need to be about that Pokémon like my Pikachu Haiku
but it needs to be something they would write
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  1. Andrewski
    Five syllables here
    Then seven syllables here.
    Did I do it right?
    Dec 24, 2016