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Sudowoodo's Guide To Games: How To Choose A Video Game

by King Miles

King Miles Hello I'm Sudowoodo And I'm Going to tell you about video games
Picking a video game is like the hardest thing for a gamer for example my friend Chestnaught can't decide which is better Pikmin 2 or Superman 64 And I Say Pikmin Cause That Game's Creatures are Amazing ! So I Bet Your Wondering What's My Favorite Video Game Well It's Minecraft any Minecraft I'll Play It. Anyways To Pick a Game It Has To Be In Your Characteristics Like Me I Like Mining With My Grandpa in his village. So my little bro Bonsly Is Gonna Take Over About Why Minecraft Is Awesome. I porsonally believe that mincquaft is fun because my big brofer pways it and I wanted to pway it and I enjoyed it. Thanks Bonsly so In Conclusion Choosing a video games depends on the ratings,commercials and Gameplay .