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How she got away: Chapter one

by Taylor bauro

Taylor bauro my #summercamp15 chapter one :D yay! i'm writing about my character, Taylor's, time when she had run away from her home in sinnoh, and how she got to where she lives today in kalos.

Taylor stretched her arms and rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she looked outside of her window. the sun was shining and the starlys were chirping, another wonderful day in sinnoh. or, it would be, if Taylor wasn't who she was, and didn't have the family she had. she sighed as she quickly got changed into her usual purple hoodie and icy-blue jeans. she then headed downstairs to start yet another day full of sorrow. she paused as she saw her mother's jigglytuff sweeping the floors furiously, fear in its eyes. she cast a sad glance towards the poor pokemon, wishing there was some way to help it, but unfortunately there was nothing she could do to change her parent's mind on their perspective on pokemon. they both believed they were dangerous, terrible, useless creatures, who needed to be controlled as tools and disciplined harshly. Her mother, who had been watching jigglytuff with a cold expression turned to her daughter, whip in hand. "why so glum on your birthday dear?" she asked, not really concerned. 'how could i NOT be glum, you hate the only things i truly love...' she thought sadly.