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How Serena Got Her Fennekin

by PokemonMasterSerena2

PokemonMasterSerena2 Do you wanna know the real way I got my Fennekin?
I was in the Kalos region with Ash, as soon as Team Rocket put that weird-looking necklace on Garchomp. Garchomp was all out in the city, Ash really wanted to save him. Garchomp was very nice before Team Rocket put that necklace on him. After Ash had saved Garchomp, Professer asked me to choose from a fox pokemon a grass pokemon and a bubble-looking pokemon. I chose the fox pokemon after I searched them in my Pokedex. And Professer told me it was called Fennekin. (Sorry this is such a short piece.) Thats how I got MY Fennekin.

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