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how i started playing pokemon and my first experents

by Ramzator

I started 5 years ago. I was 9. I was watching the Pokémon anima when it went to a commercial brake that's when I saw it the Pokémon heart gold and soul silver games commercial. I new I had to have it. A few weeks later I saw the games at Walmart. I dragged my mom over there I said "I want one of those" so my mom bot me soul silver. when I got home I instantly started playing it and choses cyndiquil after that I caught a pigey named pigeyotto (spelled wrong) a weedle a ladyba a bellsprout and a zubat. here was the problem (nob mode ingadged) I did not know that you could use the pokemon center to heal your pokemon.(I skipped over a lote of text) I didn't know how to switch pokemon in your party. I didn't know about the pc. and I didn't know what potions or as I called them for the longest time po-lu-tons (dyslexia) did. but that didn't stop me.(actually it did but not yet) my cyndiquill evolved into quilava at level 14 at the bellsprout tower and my brain exploded. after that I when to the pokemon gym Quilava tor through it and I got my first badge. after that a got a call and the pokegear from elms assistant saying that he wanted to give me an egg and to met him at the pokemart. I went there after I figured out where/what it was the assistant told me that I had too many pokemon in my party an to come back when I had less. 6 months later( in that time I had learned how to switch pokemon in my party around, use the pokemon center and buy items at the pokemart) I had captured a lot of pokemon and I was wondering where they where going so I look at this computer looking thing and a little thing in the corner of the screen saying pokemon stored system I click on it and I found out how to store my pokemon. I got my egg and headed off. at this point quilava was level 28 and my pigey had evoled into pigeyotto and was level 20 or so. quilava and pigeyotto tor though gyms 2 and 3. when I captured that soodowoodo I named it treeman. (I was ten and not good at nicknames) that's when I hit the save button for the first time. a little thing came up saying "would you like to save the game" an so I saved for the first time( my ds was on that entire time and that problely wasn't a good thing) we beat morty the 4th gym leader and on the way to the 5th quilava evolved into typlotion and it scared me.i turned off my game off my game turned it back on and I won a everstone from the bug catching contest gave it to quilava and continued on. this was my first learning experience with pokemon so I hopped you all liked it.