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How I lost my Completed set of XY Evolutions.

by Trainer.Niall

Trainer.Niall This is a true story that litteraly happened today about how I think I have lost my COMPLETED set of XY Evolutions.
So today I woke up,and I had lost my Completed set of the XY Evolutions Pokemon Training card game.

I had just woken up,and as I told myself the night before I was going to sort out my Pokemon Cards.So I started sorting them out after about 2 hours of watching TrainerTips and Eryzo.I just scrolled through them looking for commons.uncommens,rares,holos,reverses and all that stuff to go in their seperate piles.
But I decided "Oh,wait!I haven't finished XY Evolutions yet!" So,every new XY Evolutions card I saw went strait to it's own pile.After sorting them,I tried to get my binder.But it wasen't were I had left it.Infact,I couldn't remember were I left it.So,the next 5 hours after that,was just me looking around my room,and my entire house for my binder.Now,this binder had all kinds of EXes in it and Secret Rares and Holos and Promos AND MY FAVORITE CARDS EEEVVVVEEERRR!And I can't find it.I'll just label a few of them.
Surfing Pikachu,Flying Pikachu,Here Comes Team Rocket,Blastoise EX,Mega Blastoise EX,Mew Holo,Mewtwo EX Full Art,Mega Charizard EX Full art,Mega Pidgeot EX Full Art,Mega Venusaur EX Full Art,Pidgeot EX and a seperated Hoopa EX Full Art,Umbreon EX Full art,Kingdra EX,And a Mega Mewtwo Y EX!And I