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How I Got Into Pokemon

by Ruchiyoto

Ruchiyoto The Story you never knew...
When I was little, I collected a lot of cards but of course I never played with them, in fact I didn't know how to back then. I really love the cool designs and battle techniques from each and every monster. I also was into the anime a lot and especially the movies too!
Although, I had no experience in playing the games since I don't own a DS or Gameboy at the time. Of course, I was thinking over my head "I don't need to play the game to be cool" but that wasn't until I actually got the time to play it myself on a Mobile device via DS emulator of some sort.
My first game of choice was Pokemon Diamond, because it has my favorite legendary Pokemon on the cover "Dialga" although I never managed to get farther into the game and lost all of my saved data. But years have passed and I heard about this Pokemon Rom Hack, it's basically a series of Pokemon games unofficial releases developed by groups of people who are experts in coding and all of that or whatever.
So I downloaded this game called Pokemon Light Platinum. Another title I've played after Pokemon Diamond. The game itself was pretty simple and easy to walkthrough. It does get complicated onwards though but I never gave up on it unlike the time I did with Pokemon Diamond. My goal: I wanted to captured Dialga. I've seen some walkthrough videos on YouTube and found out that many legendaries appear in this game. It's a dream come true!
So I got who I wanted and what I used Dialga for; well I got him to fight my second favorite legendary Pokemon and that is Reshiram.
The battle wasn't that long. Oh! I almost forgot. I couldn't have captured Dialga without a little help from my Team. I call them the Platinum Warriors; lead by Lucario, followed by Charizard, Sceptile, Raichu, Flareon, and Infernape.
And that's my story.
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