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How I became champion part 2.

by Pokemaniac Red

Pokemaniac Red This is how I became Champion.
I followed Professor Oak across to his Lab, only to find that Blue was waiting inside there already. As i walked past multiple bookcases filled with Pokemon books, I saw a table with three Pokeballs on it. " Go on, pick one" I walked up to the table and grabbed my soon to be Pokemon. "Ah, so you're having the leaf Pokemon, Bulbasaur then?" I tossed the Pokeball into the air as the green Pokemon came out.
" Are you going to give it a nickname?" I decided to call it what I was always going to call it- Fushigidane. I got a chill down my spine as Blue ran up to the table and yelled "Then I'm having this, Charmander, come on out!"
  1. Azur
    Ooh, I like how you're doing this story. I am excited to read more!
    Dec 13, 2014