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How FNAF Fooled Us And How I Solved It

by ExtinctGuisher

ExtinctGuisher My hard-work of 2 years with the powah of EDGINESS!!! 1600+ words, Im crying
FNAF The (Full)Theory: It’s all Clear!
Note #1: If I write the whole theory in, it would the really long so I cutted some parts out
Note #2: Watch The Game Theorist’s theory, It’s helped me a lot

After two years of…. Reading every single pages on the wiki, listen to every sound files in the series, watch every video I saw on Internet, thinking like hell,…And I’m here too solve the game. So where should we start? How about The Crying Child? But first, let’s change our way of thinking. You are probably are like most people, thinking that after his death, he turned into Fredbear, right? Let’s stop being too obvious like that, after all, FNAF was never obvious anyway. I got another theory, that The Crying Child-after-death is… Balloon Boy. Yep, It’s actually Balloon Boy, yes, BB.
Now maybe you’re saying: ”But BB never have any important role in FNAF!”. Well, yes, he never have one. Butt, he IS one of the most mysterious animatronics throughout the series. Noticed how he never existed in the FNAF 2’s Death Minigame? How his laugh lure Springtrap away? The way he looks? DOES ANYONE HERE EVEN NOTICED? Well buddy, I got some clues right up in the sleeves:

I) Balloon Boy is Crying Child?
1)He is the only humanoid animatronics until FNAF 5


This may seem dumb, but listen to me! His first appearance was from FNAF 2, being the only humanoid animatronics along side with JJ(Marionette is count as Puppet). And he can talk, which is another the thing the animatronics can’t do until FNAF Sister Location, which bring me a thought that he’s being remake which bring me to another thought, and I’ll talk about that later.
2)Foxy and Crying Child’s Brother
Oh boiii… FNAF 2, my fav game in the whole series. But putting that aside, remember Foxy? He and Balloon Boy is the worst together. In FNAF 2, whenever BB enters your Office, he’ll disable the flaslight, preventing you from stunning Foxy, and you’re dead. Wait, didn’t Crying Child’s brother have a Foxy mask too? Welp, there we go, another clue for you.
And let's compare Foxy's jumpscare from games to games. I found interesting stuff:
-Foxy FNAF 2 and FNAF 4's jumpscare:

-Foxy FNAF 1 and Crying Child's Brother's "jumpscare":
Similiar, isn't it? If you still didn't get it, lemme explain. The Nightmare Foxy's jumpscare resemble the Child's fear of getting prank(lol). Get it yet? Good, let's move on on
3)He didn’t show up in FNAF 4
OK, so BB have appear in FNAF 2, FNAF 3, but not FNAF 4(Nightmare BB is Non-Canon)? But, if you still sticking with the original theory then tell me, if FNAF 4 is his dream in the hospital, how can he see his dead self? That’s why I thought that Fredbear was just “Your Worst Nightmare”. But Balloon Boy, he didn’t show up in FNAf 4(Nightmare Balloon Boy aren’t count because FNAF 4 Halloween Edition is Non-Canon). Like, if you’re unconcious, how can you see how you look likes after you’re dead? And like I said up there, BB’s humanoid. It makes perfect sense
4) The “BB’S AIR ADVENTURE” Minigame

Now, this pisses me off a lot. Like, HOW CAN ANYONE POSSIBLY MISS SOMETHING SO OBVIOUS? WHAT IS THISSSSSSSSSSSSS. I’m sorry, is just that, people miss too much clues, and their theory are all too repetitive,… Anyway, just look at those crying BB. Crying? BB?Humanoid? Scott is obviously telling us that BB IS Crying Child and you completely missed it. Just how, people?
And that’s not the only thing here, in this minigame. OK, the goal of this minigame. You must collect all the balloons to win. BUTT, the final balloons isn’t just another odinary balloons. Its change from Green to Brown, Purple, Red, and Yellow which (probably) stands for:
-Red: Foxy
-Brown: Freddy
-Yellow: Chica
-Purple: Bonnie
But then, who’s “Green”? Well, It’s either a Pokemon Trainer or Baby. Who’s here have watched The Game Theorist theory? No? Just me? Ok, so MatPat(The host) show out that Baby have green eyes, just like the pigtail girl in FNAF 4 and she could be the person that talked to you at the end of FNAF 4. So, from here, we could see that Balloon Boy , or Crying Child is trying to save his brother, his sister and his brother’s friend. So that’s make the theory even longer isn’t it? Poor me.

5)The “HAPPIEST DAY” Minigame

Now, at the Good Ending of FNAF 3, you freed the 5 children: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy and Marionette? Wait, two cheeks, the eyes but no tearlines and a smiling face? You all got fool by Scotty! Again, that’s Balloon Boy! He, his brother and his brother’s friends are free!
6)FNAF 3 Bad Ending
Another mystery that the fandoms haven’t solve. The glowing mask in the dark. Well, I say that BB’s. They aren’t free, they’re still being put back inside :(. But then, in the Good Ending, they’re free, right?….
Perhaps not…
II)FNAF’s Sister Location
1)FNAF 2 and FNAF: Sister Location

Well, no one is gonna spot this but me huh, so I’ll do it. Noticed how Sister Location’s animatronics is "Shiny And New" like the Toy Animatronics? Well, I think Sister Location is a remake of FNAF 2’s animatronics
-Toy Freddy-->Funtime Freddy
-Mangle-->Funtime Foxy
-JJ(Balloon Girl)-->Baby
-BB-->Ennard(Also made from other animatronic of FNAF 5)
Where did I get the thought of this? Well, they said that the Toy Animatronics is scrapped due to malfunction. So I think that isn’t that a waste, why don’t they just fix the animtronics? That could happen, right? Sound familiar, right? The same thing happened to the new crew. They always got taken out and put back together. And JJ, otherwise known as Balloon Girl, she actually have GREEN EYES too if you look closely. Also, if you Inspect Scottgames.com teaser, you will always find the phrase "PROJECT.JPG"
It’s also a miracle that my theory(before the game was released) was correct. Ballora is The Puppet. Look at the creepy, little Puppet and her long arms, long limbs, purple cheeks, smiling face and her creepy music box!

And this is not the only clue. Read the poem in the trailer closely:

Deep under ground
Where memories sleep
Anger is restless
And secrets don’t keep
Listen to these word: “memories”, “sleep”, “restless”, “anger”
Sounds familiar. Maybe It’s FNAF 4! And I said that Crying Child is Balloon Boy right? Then, what do these animtronics have to do with BB?
Well, Mangle and Toy Freddy is the only animatronics that shows up at the Game Area with BB(Rarly though).
As we saw in FNAF 2 "GIVE GIFTS AND GIVES LIFE" minigame, Marionette is the one who make Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy alive. And then Fredbear pops up an scare you. Then why don’t Marionette give life to BB? Fredbear is also a sign for Crying Child’s nightmare, so this have some support idea.
Then of course, JJ is the female version of Balloon Boy.

Also, notice the words Ennard(while using Baby’s voice) said:
-Something bad happended today. Something bad always happens
-I can’t be fixed.
-I’ve been out before, but they always put me back. They always put us back inside. There is nowhere for us to hide here. There is no where to go when we look like this.
-If they find us like this, we won’t be able to try again.

-Isn’t this why you came here, to be with her again?(Fake Ending, Private Room. “her” are presumbly Wiliam Afton’s deceased daughter)
-Everything is okay, I’m still here.(Afton’s daughter voice)
And the words the words you saw at the end of FNAF 4:

-We are still friends, right?
-You’re broken.
-I will fix you.
-I will put you back together

That is enough cornfirmed that BB is Ennard! He was broken, so he take parts of all the others animatronics and become the new Ennard! Evidence have shown that Ennard is created from other animatronics: Eyes from Baby, the mask in the Control Room disappeared on Night 5, the mask doesn’t open when he jumscare you, at the end of Real Ending he have purple eyes like Ballora,… They failed the first time(FNAF 3 I meant), so they have a new plan. To strip your skin off and wear that! Ugh, that’s hurts! And I don’t think that’s gonna work guys!
But then, why did they said “Isn’t this why you came here, to be with her again?”. I got a little bit stuck here, but then, I’ve come so far, I cannot give up here, right? Well, our last answer is… You’re the William Afton, the person who is responsible for the creation of the animatronics, that’s why they want your body, not the two-killed technician! This explain everything. “He’s here to help, Ballora. He’s not here to hurt us, Ballora”! Your purpose to come here at first is to release the animtronics, to find your daughter! Not to get Exotic Butters and 120 dollars for a week! But then,you relized something when Ennard spoke to Ballora and decided to run at the Fake Ending. He may escape for a short time. But after all, Deep under ground, Anger is... Restless.
But then, what does Ennard originally looked like? My theory here is that BB’s suit is burned down in the FNAF 3, leaving him damaged so bad that he needs a new body. Now the words “I have a bit of me in every body” . Makes sense now huh and you’ve probably relized that I’m writing this extra part so you would waste more time on reading :p
So that's it, my result of 2 years. A 1,636 words post. Hope you enjoyed it and if you have request(On theory), say it and I might make one. Bye!

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