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How Ere Met Luxray

by Staroid

Staroid Ere is one of Professor Sycamore's youngest lab assistants, and he adores Pokemon. He never had another Pokemon, because he thought that he would forget his Luxray...his lost Luxray. He remembers how he met Luxray, and, surprising, found him again.
It was a breezy summer day, and I was busy researching about Pokemon typings and weaknesses in Professor Sycamore's lab. I knew today some kid was going to come in and get his starting Pokemon and I felt sorry for the remaining Pokemon that were not chosen so everytime a kid came, I would take the remaining Pokemon and care for them as they were my own but I never considered them my Pokemon.

Twelve years ago, when I was around four years old, my parents gave me a Shinx. We trained and trained for two years. When I was six, a great fire occurred and burned everything in its path. It raged on and on and and the last time I ever heard from my parents was a muffled cry. I never saw them again. My Shinx was now a Luxray, strong and mighty, but it was afraid and the flames was seen to be devouring almost everything. My only chance to survive was to run, and I did. I collected all the Pokemon that I saw and set them free. I fled until I bumped into the Professor, who offered me a starting Pokemon. I did not accept the offer, instead I told him I would be a scientist in his lab. He accepted me.

Ten years later, I stood holding three Pokeballs with each starter Pokemon. I was startled when I saw, instead of a young child, a Luxray holding a Pokeball in its mouth came bolting into the building. Was this my Luxray? No, it couldn't be, it was engulfed by the flames. There was only one way of knowing. I let out a deep, low whistle. Pounce! The Luxray knocked me down and started licking me. I had found my true friend after ten long, hard years.
  1. That_One_Lucario_Boy
    AWWWW the end is pretty adorable.
    May 2, 2017
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