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Poetry Book: How Could You, My Love?

by Belladonna Valkyrie

Belladonna Valkyrie A poem I wrote for my friend after her bf broke up with her its also got something's that didn't actually happen and it also seems to have told the future...
I saw you yesterday.
How could you, my love?
I saw you with her,
My best friend no less.

We were at school,
It was autumn.
Warm, but slightly cold and biting.
Perfect for anything.

How could you, my love?
You said you'd always be there,
Forever and ever, but now,
I've seen you with my best friend.

I'm tired of your lies.
I'm tired of you leading me on.
I'm giving up on you,
'Cause darling, everything's on fire.

How could you, my love?
You hurt me so bad.
I don't know if it was worth it,
But really, how could you?