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HousePets! Universe FanStory: The Way the Stars Shine Tonight.: HousePets! Universe FanStory: The Way the Stars Shine Tonight: Chapter 1

by ClockWork Breezy

ClockWork Breezy Jolty has been away from home for nearly 3 years. But when he returns to River Falls, Virginia, a place he grew up, what has changed, and what has stayed?
The look of anger and frustration on Jolty´s face was that of nothing Leo had ever seen. He knew he had messed up BIG this time. ¨Jolty…..?¨ The dog called out. There was nothing for a few seconds, then, Jolty turned in a fit of rage and slashed, hard, against Leo´s face. ¨YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST DID, LIONEL! THAT WAS MY EVERYTHING AND YOU JUST RUINED IT!¨ The cat gestured to the mess of books, wood, and other objects, burning in a pile. ¨You're no brother to me…….you idiot….¨

Lionel, a upbeat, quirky pomeranian, shot up in his bed, gasping for breath, like he had almost every night for almost a 3 years. Ever since Jolty, his nerdy, science obsessed friend had lashed out that August night, nearly 3 years ago, he had never slept the same. And now, here he was, returning home tomorrow morning….¨ Grimacing, the dog stood up, and rubbed his eyes. His owners asleep, he looked out at the snow covered lawn of 42 Maplewood Drive, thinking good and hard. What would Jolty be like? Did he make new friends? Was he still researching the weirdness of this world? What was his owner like now? So many questions he had, yet he was afraid for the answers. ¨No matter….¨ He murmured, rubbing the 6 slash scars on his right cheek area. ¨I owe you for what I did, and you're gonna get it, you dork….¨

Jolty looked at his sleeping owner, then back at the window seat, which he´d begged his owner for. He looked at the trees, the the upcoming houses, and the all-too familiar sign which was his last memory from this place…. RIVER FALLS, WEST VIRGINIA POP. 36,000

The bus hissed to a stop, and people began to get off. Nudging his owner, Ivan, he whispered: ¨Ivan. Bussed stopped, get up.¨ Ivan snorted, waking up, and grabbed their luggage, hauling it off the bus. ¨Our house is nearby. I'll get us unpacked, why don't you look around?¨ Jolty nodded, gingerly touching his glasses, and wrapping his scarf around his neck some more. He didn´t know where to begin. The town was busy as ever, people and pets walking about, stopping to talk with one another, generally being friendly. There was one place, however, Jolty did indeed wish to visit.

A short walk there proved to be devastating. ¨Under Construction¨ read the area, and he watched as workers were putting up houses right over his childhood playplace, the woods. His fort, the place where he buried his time capsule, all gone. Looking over at a metal dumpster, it was hard not to tear up a bit when he pulled a old, all to familiar metal briefcase from it. It was heavy, but he managed to drag it to his new home, placing it on the front steps, entering the locks, hearing a timeless *click* and opening the rusted, dented metal case. Photographs from childhood, toys, a letter to people of the year 2050, and a gift from Ivan´s Grandfather, a pocket-watch, came flooding out. Gingerly, tucking the watch into a pocket on his scarf, he looked at each. Childhood friends, crushes, others….people he didn´t know, if they were around, he looked at these photos, feeling the sentimental value they carried, he shut them back in the case, and walked inside. He needed time, time to think.

A few hours later, Jolty was lying on his bed reading a book when there was a knock on the door. He went over, and opened it up, and saw a black cat with violet eyes, and a purple scarf at the door. Next to her was a Dog, a Dalmatian, who sported a beanie and a mint green collar. Their faces lit up the second they say him in the doorway. ¨JOLTY!¨ They screeched in unison, tackling the cat. Jolty, confused more than ever, picked up his glasses, and squinted at these new creatures.

¨D-Dom? Saria?¨

Wkh doo vwloo plvv brx...