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Me and my Friends as Anime villains: Hood - The Undead Tengu

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain this next one is based on the All-Brawn-No-Brain thug of my friends

Hood - The Undead Tengu

A lover of Brawling and just looking for an excuse to punch his team mates, Hood is an undead With some powerful fists that can pulverize concrete, he is fragile though and hopes his fiery wings discourage any attacks from behind, cause otherwise they are useless

Strength - 3 (he isn't the strongest in the group but definitely the most aggressive so I gave him the highest strength)

Defense - 1 (very fragile cause he is an undead)

Intelligence - 0.5 (the dude may not like the truth but he is a dumb@$$ XD)

Speed - 2 (he can't feel anything at all from bellow the knees, if we all race bare foot on Lego he would no doubt be the fastest)

Power - 0 (doesn't have powers, just raw strength)
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