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Interlude characters: Hollywood

by Finch~

Hollywood resize.png
Finch~ The imfamous Pop Star, Hollywood!

Hollywood is fulled by ambition, pride, and something else...

something dark, that nobody talks about, and nobdy knows about, that is, except Jax and Christie

Edit: im so stupid
it says hoollywood

Edit 2:
The extra o is silent
  1. HaruLima
    is beautiful
    Apr 4, 2020
    Finch~ likes this.
  2. qlovers
    Apr 3, 2020
    Finch~ likes this.
  3. Finch~
    @qlovers actually no lol, shes very straight
    neon pink, yellow and blue just go together too well i-
    Apr 3, 2020
  4. qlovers
    let my guess, they're pan? lol but seriously you've improved soo much!! this is amazing, i love how magical and glowy this looks! and the hoops, too.
    Apr 3, 2020
    PrincessPika~chan and Finch~ like this.
  5. Finch~
    no that something is not cranberry fanta
    Apr 3, 2020