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Hollis's introduction

by existentialwitch

existentialwitch Hollis into
Your name is HOLLIS AZELCO and you are 6 AND A HALF SWEEPS. Your not one of the oldest TROLLS though.

Right now you are PLAYING AROUND with your LONG CURLY HAIR and trying to UNTANGLE IT. Your hair really is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Leading up to your INTERESTS you enjoy STYLING YOUR HAIR and PLAYING WITH YOUR MATESPRITS HAIR when she lets you. You also like GRIMDARK ARTS and ROMANCE MOVIES. You are fascinated by ICE AND SNOW and love reading books about it.

Your LUSUS is a POLAR BEAR. He is very strict and wants you to grow up to be a SOPHISTICATED TROLL but that's the LAST thing you want to grow up to be. You don't talk to your LUSUS that much anymore ever since THE ARGUMENT. You HIVE is pretty HARD TO FIND and most trolls ARE NOT WILLING TO GO TO THE COLDEST PART OF THE PLANET. That doesn't really bother you because you are very INTROVERTED and don't SOCIALIZE MUCH. You come off as kind of DARK AND COLD, well you kind of are. You have SOME FRIENDS a MATESPRIT and a KISMESIS. Other than that your kind of ALONE.

Your TROLLTAG is fanaticWinter and you type kind of like " DArk a/\/d COld like T/-/is B*** •#• "

What will you do next?