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Hoenn. chapter 2

by Espeon_aura

Soon enough the truck came to an abrupt holt, jolting me backwards into the wall of the truck as I whacked my knee. This journey really seemed to hate me.....

There was a shout from the front of the removal van and then suddenly a door opened and the driver gave me a wave and told me I had to get off the vehicle. Without any hesitation I jumped off the truck and into my new home. The place had a nice quaint feel to it with barely any houses it seemed. Flowers were neatly arranged in beds in front of the houses and in the middle of the village was a little sign that said: Littleroot town, a town that cant be shaded any hue.

I heard my mum call me from over to my left. She seemed to have had a decent journey as she wasn't covered in bruises like I was. She guided me to a small little oak house with a pretty little garden, it turned out that this was my new home. It looked better than I had expected it to be but I had no idea what was going to happen next...