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Hoenn. chapter 1

by Espeon_aura

Espeon_aura I never wanted to leave....
It was my mum that wanted a change not me!
If it was up to me I would have stayed in Ecruteak for my whole life. But being a 13 year old, the decisions aren't mine to make. All of my friends are left behind..... and I don't know what's going to happen next.
The bumpy ride at the back of the truck was the worst part of the whole journey. The boat ride was decent. At least there was a view, even if it was raining, there were a few windows so that you didn't feel trapped inside a box like I did in the damp van. The only light that actually managed to get into where I was, was the light of the satnav that was coming from the driver's area and all that did was make an eerie white glow. Boxes swayed from wall to wall, occasionally bashing into me but not too often. The only possession that I had was an azurill doll that I've had since I was three. What would my new home look like. Would I ever make any good friends again. I didn't know but I was too tired to think and eventually I drifted away on the hard and dusty wooden floor of the moving truck.