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History of Taichi

by CyanHikariza

CyanHikariza incase you cant see it this is the bio on Taichi: Taichi was injured hatching from his egg by lightning striking his egg during a bad storm as Violet, Crimson and Cyan were running to find a pokemon center. After coming out of the egg unconscious the 3 finally arrived at the pokemon center and got Taichi looked at. After finding out the Taichi was ok the 3 left the next afternoon, during their journey they decided to stop relax and do a little training. This is when Crimson challenged her newly hatched Pichu to battle his starter of the region (still working on the name but it is a fire type and final drawing isn't ready yet). When she yelled for Taichi to use thunderbolt. When Taichi its cheeks sparkled popped then exploded (not like bloody explosion just pokemon friendly, kinda like how axew messed up his attacks in the beginning ^^"). After a few tests they determined the it was too dangerous for Taichi to use electrical moves because of the self damage. So they decide to focus on physical moves until they can find someone to help Taichi. So far Taichi knows: Agility, Quick Attack, Iron Tail and Double Slap.

*Fun note: I made Taichis parents Ashs Pikachu and the first baby Pikachu from EP039 I believe was called Pikachus goodbye? Not sure, they got together on Ashs return home (he would be around 17 or 18 so this takes place in the waaaaay future)
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