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Hirumi "Umi" Kyosuke | READ DESCRIPTION

by BooBerry

BooBerry I've been wanting to make her for a long time since... Um... Amane doesn't represent the real me at all...

So here is a reference sheet of Hirumi, or Umi for short. Here is more information about her:

Hirumi "Umi" Kyosuke:

• Gender: Female

• Age: 11-12

• Species: Cat

• Breed: Tuxedo Cat (Bicolor Cat)

• Height: 4'11" (Anthro) or 3'9" (Feral)

• Weight: 40-50 Kg (Anthro) 30-40 (Feral)

• Nationality: Filipino

• Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

• Likes: Video games, Anime, Manga, Music, Sweaters, Pastel Colors, Weeaboo Snacks (Pocky, Meiji Starwberry Chocolates, etc.), Junk Food, Galaxies, Gore, YAOI (Boy X Boy)

• Dislikes: K-Pop (She only likes TWICE), Girly Stuff, Working Out (She's a lazy hecker), Singing in public or around people she knew, getting depressed, When people force her to do things she doesn't want to do, Cold areas, Mathematics, History, when people call her "girly"

Things you need to remember when drawing her:

• The stocking are optional, as well as the skirt

• The heart spot goes on the right side of her eye (viewer's perspective)

• Heart patterns on the ears and the tip of her tail

UMI -> Me (@Aiko | アイコ)
ART -> Me


Sketchbook -> To draw background and the entire thing