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Hidden: Hidden - Preface

by Skyst

Skyst Heya, guys! This is a preface for my story, Hidden. I'm making a discussion for you peoples to create some characters for it soon, so please check it out! Thanks for reading!
Preface -

My head burned through a fierce headache as I stumbled through the forest. The ground was uneven, covered with angry roots and painful rocks. The ground was unmerciful as I fell, slamming into the hard ground. The scabbing scar on my forehead reopened, and the crimson blood turned my vision red as I pulled myself up.

The air did nothing to help me. Blowing me backwards, slowing me down… and sending my scent to the beast that was hunting me. I cringed and switched directions. It wasn’t like that was going to help, but it might distract it. Riku was gone, Kumo gone, Akura almost dead… I blinked away the tears. Blood fell into my exposed, scorched face. Haruto was nowhere to be found. I felt a strange loss. I was forgetting someone… someone important, something important.

I couldn’t think. Maybe I should sacrifice myself. Maybe Riku was still alive, maybe Kumo was with him. Akura was close to death in her ball. They could find my body and let her out. And Haruto could survive alone, with his warm fur.

NO! A little voice whispered in my head. You could find them YOURSELF. Just get away from the monster! I was barely acknowledging my running - it slowed, until I was walking. A stitch ripped through my torso, but I ignored the stabbing pain. It was the least of my problems. I turned around.

I could hear the creature roaring, maybe about half a mile away. I sat on the ground. The voice begged me to get up, to run. I was tempted, but I didn’t. None of my friends, Pokemon or human, were alive anymore, and I had no reason to live. I sat and waited for death to come.
  1. Skyst
    This is the preface for my story, Hidden. Please give me any suggestions, comments, likes, or feedback. It is deeply appreciated. Thank you for reading!
    Sep 25, 2018