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Hi there, Sean.

by Suicune Kid 2

Suicune Kid 2 Sean doesn't talk much anymore. Not since his father died. A Gameboy Color and that new popular game isn't enough to bring him out, is it?
Sean got out of bed on his 10th birthday. He walked to the living room, silently as always. "Good morning, birthday boy! Would you like to open your presents?" Sean nodded. He sat down on the floor by the gifts. Sean got lots of gifts. He felt happy, but he did not smile. When Sean was 8, his father died in a car accident. It had been almost 2 years now, since he last smiled or spoken. But that would change soon. Everything would change when he turned on that game for the first time.
The Gameboy Color was green. There was a gold game cartridge in the top. "Here, Sean. Want to play?" Sean took the Gameboy. He started up the game. It was an awesome game.
Sean loved it. He played it for hours, in total silence.
The next year, his mother took him out of homeschool and Sean went to middle school with lots of other kids. Kids that played the same game as him. He got close to smiling, but couldn't. One day, Sean dug out his dad's old Gameboy Pocket. It was blue, with a blue game cartridge in the top. He started crying. His father got the game a few days before he died. He said it was a great game. Sean played it with him all the time. It was called Pokémon Blue.
Sean walked up to his mother. "We loved the game. He lives on in Pokémon, and in my heart." They smiled at each other. From then on, whatever game he played, he played with his father in mind. Everything was okay. Because it's Nintendo.
  1. Suicune Kid 2
    Suicune Kid 2
    Hope you like it8)
    Jun 24, 2014