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Journeys: Hey, Trainer

by DartrixTheIntrovert

DartrixTheIntrovert Hunter starts the battle with the rugged trainer.
"So, you want to fight me?" I question him riding my Bouffalant over to the edge of the river and falls. "Of course I do!" he yells. "I, am Thomas Jax of White forest, and I challenge you!" he had a look of fury in his eyes. He seemed like the kind of person to never give up. But so was I.
"Fine then Thomas. Let's do this. Right here. Right now." I returned Bouffalant, and choose Lapras. he grabs a pokeball, "Alright Snivy, let's do this!" he throws out the pokeball and the green snake falls in the rushing water. I lose sight of it, and I say "Hey Mr. Jax... is you're Snivy going to be okay?" As if the pokemon had heard from beneath the rushing white water, it shot from the water, and attacked Lapras with a leaf storm attack. This was going to be fun.