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Hex adventure: Hex adventure...3

by Hex. . .

Hex. . . Hex travels with her new friends and see a strange fella
Hex Adventure. . .Chapter 3

After walking out of the forest they reached snowbell city. The town that was somewhat always cold for some strange reason and would always snow all year around. When arriving Michael would walk into the Pokémon center with Hex as she was freezing. “Oh! G-God! It cold! I-I didn’t know i was so close to this city. . .” Hex was shivering as she looks around the Pokémon center. “Yeah, snowbell city is always my least favorite place in Kalos. I prefer Laverre city.” Michael would walk up to the counter of the Pokémon center putting down three Pokéballs. “Yeah, hey I would like to heal my Pokémon please.” The lady at the counter turn around and nodded as she picks them up and puts them down on the machine. “Of course! One sec!” Hex would walk up to Michael and she puts down her two Pokéballs. “Uh, I would also like to heal my Pokémon as well...” Hex would shyly request as the nurse would turn around and smile as she kindly accepts Hex Pokémon and puts them down to heal.

“Here you go sir all healed up! You take care now!” The nurse waves at them as Michael nods and waves good-bye. “That nurse Joy. She heals your Pokémon, even when there down. So when you need your Pokémon healed she the one.” Hex would nod as she follows behind Michael. As they walk up the stairs they see Leo holding up a Pokéball. “Oh! Michael were gonna head to Laverre city real quick so Amil can grab her stuff.” Leo would throw out a Pokémon as it was a Flygon that popped out. “Alright Michael I’ll see you there!” Leo climbs on Flygon back as it flaps it wings and starts flying into the air.

“Wait!? We’re flying?!” Hex would jump back as she was shaking her head no. “I never been flying! This is too much!” Michael would rise an eyebrow as he looked at her confused. “What? Flying? It not that bad. Trust me you’ll be fine now stay here. I’ll be back. . .” Hex would nod as she sees Michael turn around and walk to the Pokémon center. Hex would push the snow off the bench and sit down as she sighs feeling nervous as her leg was shaking. “Oh, god it even the cold. . .Im just so nervous. . .” Hex said to herself as she breaths out seeing the chill air coming out.

The sound of snow begin stepped on would be heard as she turns her head to see if it was Michael but saw someone else. He was tall very skinny and he looked like he was traveling for quite awhile. His clothes looked a bit dirty around his pants and his sweater was kinda light for a weather like this. He would keep walking as he was hunched over looking at the ground. His hair was cut and was dark skinned as he looks like he hadn’t slept for years. The boy would turn to face Hex as she was caught staring at him. “Can I help you?” The boy asked as he looks up at her with bags under his eyes. “Uh! N-No sorry!” Hex would look away from him as she was now blushing purple. The man would look at her and glare at her. “Hey, I gotta ask you something?” Hex would look up as she now notice that he was closer to her.

“Do you know Michael?” The boy asked as she jumps a bit when she heard him say Michael name. “Uh, no. I never meet him. . .” Hex replied as she wanted this man to leave her alone now. “Huh, that funny. . .” The boy inched closer as he wasn’t back away. “I can tell that your lying to me.” The boy smiled as Hex mouth hangs opened. “What?!” Hex would get up as she points at finger at him. “What are you talking about!” Hex would try her best to act tough but the boy just stood there smiling looking down at her as he was much more taller then her even taller then Michael. “Ahaha. . .I can tell, years of practice. I’m use to people lying to me so, this isn’t new to me.” Hex would step back a bit as clenches her bag. “What do you want? A Pokémon fight?” Hex would look at him as she went into her bag reaching in and grabbing a Pokéball. The boy shakes his head no. “No, no. I can tell your pretty weak. I’m looking for Michael that all.” The boy inched closer as Hex kept walking back as she hits the tree behind her. She would hit the tree and see that the boy was pinning her against the tree. “I don’t like fighting, then again. Nothing I lost the feeling of lIking things. . .” Hex would bite her lip as the boy whispers into her ears. “I can see that you have suffered as well. . .” The boy pulled away as he turns around and pockets his hands. Hex would be able to breath as she sees the boy walk away from her.

“See yeah, Hex.” Hex was left there as she was confused, and concerned about what just happened.

“Hey, I’m back.” Hex head would turn to see Michael holding a Pokéball in his hands as he walks over to Hex. “You okay?” Hex would shake her head no. “I-I just meet this crazy guy. . .He was looking for you.” Michael would try and speak but he stopped himself. “Wired guy huh? Well, at least that a nicer way of putting it.” The boy would walk out behind the tree and smile at Michael. “Hello, friend nice to finally meet you again.” The boy said as he walks towards Michael. “Jaylee, what are you doing here? I thought you went back to Unova?” Michael stood there as Jaylee laughed a bit as he shakes his head. “Nah, I wanted to come here and say Hi to my best friend.” Jaylee would wrap his arm around Michael shoulder as Michael just sighs and pulls away from him. “What is it you want?” Michael glared at him as Jaylee shrugs and puts his hands in his pockets. “I just wanted to talk. That all, I need a favor. Just one favor!” Jaylee would smile at Michael as he kept a straight face looking at Jaylee actions. “You want a favor? What’s the favor?” Michael asked as he raise an eyebrow watching him just in case he pulls something. “Oh, can we go somewhere private for this?” Michael quickly shakes his head as he didn’t want to go anywhere with Jaylee. “No, say it here or I’m not doing it at all.” Jaylee rolls his eyes and groans. “Ugh! Your no fun! Alright! Alright! Hehe, you know Michael you been my friend for a long time. I always trusted you and told you everything about me. You know what my life is, how sad it is. Hehehehe. . .” Jaylee would turn around and smile as he shakes his head. “I always try and look on the bright side, but every time something good happens to me. I’m always slam back down to the ground. . .” Jaylee would turn around as his smile was now gone and he looked serious for once. “I’m tired of all this, this world sucks. I hate it. So I wanna reset it.” Jaylee looked at Michael stood there concerned. “W-What are you talking about?” Jaylee turned around and walks into the route station. “You’ll find out soon. . .” The boy left them behind as Michael stood there looking at the ground. Hex would walk to him and poke his shoulder. “What did he mean about reset?” Hex looked confused as Michael just stood there quiet. “I don’t have clue, come on let’s go. . .” Michael tossed his Pokéball to the ground as Hydreigon popped out and Roared.

“This is Hydreigon, hold on tight. He doesn’t like new people. . .” Michael climb up on top of the dragon as Hex climbs up as well and was sitting behind Michael. “So, Uh. Is this safe?” Hex asked as Michael looked back and nods. “You’ll be fine! Hold on tight now!” Hex would nod. “Alright, but be EASY!!!” Hex screamed as the dragon quickly flew up into the air and was flying in the air as the snow kept on falling out of the sky. “O-Oh, God!” Hex hugs the dragon back as she screams. Michael would sit there calm as he points at Laverre city. “Alright! Take us there!” The Dragon roared as it quickly started to fly over there while the breeze hit there faces Hex eyes were completely shut as she didn’t like the feeling of having nothing underneath her.

“I’m gonna die! I’m gonna die!” Hex screamed out as Michael climb off of Hydreigon. “Uh, Hex. We’re here already.” Michael said as Hex eyes open slowly as she felt sick and falls off the Dragon landing on the ground. “I think I’m gonna be sick. . .” Hex lays there green as she felt sick and dizzy.

“Oh, don’t worry you’ll be fine don’t worry.” Michael would return Hydreigon back into it ball. And looks around. “Alright, lets go. We need to go to the gym where Amil at. Leo should be there but, who knows.” Hex would give a thumbs up while still on the ground.

“Mmm!~ A nice cup of Hot chocolate!” Leo said as he sips away at his drink. “Leo, how good to see you!” Leo turned around and smiled. “Oh! Jaylee what brings you here!” Leo smiles as he puts down his drink and takes a bite out of his doughnut. “Oh, you know seeing good friends. Anyway, how life been for you?” Jaylee asked as he sits down across from Leo. “Things been going good, I been enjoying the Kalos region a lot. How about you?” Leo asked Jaylee as he just shrugs and smiles at Leo. “Oh you know, just been hanging around places that all...” Leo nodded and wipes his mouth. “Yeah, I hear you! To be honest with you, I missed talking to you!” Jaylee nodded. “As do I.” Jaylee would smirk as he points to Leo Flannel. “One of your buttons is undone.” Leo would blush as he quickly drops his drink and quickly buttons it. “Geez thanks for that!” Leo smiles as he scratches his neck as Jaylee just nodded. “Yeah, that what friends are for. . .Can I ask you for a favor?” Leo would nod. “Of course! We’re friends after all!” Leo smiles as Jaylee crosses his arms and leans back in his seat.

“Leo, you know that we’re friends right?” Leo nodded as he jumps in his seat. “Best friends!” Leo takes a sip of his hot chocolate. “Then, would you mind helping me out?” Jaylee asked as he pulls his chair closer to the table. “Huh? With what?” Jaylee cheeks stretches up as he sits there smiling. “Helping me reset the world. . .” Leo would choke on his drink as he coughs and wipes his mouth. W-What?! You want me to help you reset the world?! I-I don’t know if can help you with that. . .” Leo looked away as he looked at Jaylee with a shy smile. “Aw come on buddy! You know me! Help a bother out!” Jaylee smiles as he gets closer to Leo. “Uh, sorry but I’ll have to decline your favor. . .” Leo would cross his arms.

“Tch, your just like the rest of them. . .” Jaylee would get up from the table. “Always putting down my dreams. . .All I want is just one favor.” Leo would look up. “Yeah, but that favor is way out of the question! Aren’t you hearing yourself! Resetting the world! That not a favor!” Jaylee looks at Leo as Leo quickly shuts up. “That not the point, I just want things to look good for me, is that just to much to ask? No one wants to help me, not you or people in this world! There always selfish walking all over the people who can’t even get a damn job!” Jaylee slams his fist down at the table spilling Leo hot chocolate all over the table and getting some on his hands. “J-Jaylee! Are you okay?” Leo would get up and see that his hand was covered in hot chocolate. “Here let me help you!” Jaylee quickly turns away from him. “No, I’m fine. . .That was just me venting out loud. I’ll pay for that. . .” Jaylee reaches into his pocket and pulls out a 20 Pokédollars. “I’ll see you later Leo. . .” Jaylee waved goodbye as he leaves the Cafe. Leo sat there confused as he pays the waitress and gets up and leave.

“Alright, here we are. At Amil Gym.” Michael looks up and enters the Gym as Hex follows along.

Fairy-Type Gym. . .

Inside the gym had lush green grass as the sky looked ever so clear as the sun would be shinning down and the sound of flying types could be heard over head. The grass was filled with flowers as streams of water could be seen flowing through the floor. It was rather quiet as you could hear the sound of the wind blowing. “This, is very relaxing. . .” Hex says as she sees Michael walk towards two stone pillars. “Yeah, it rather nice.” Michael would step forward and disappear as Hex stops and looks around. “Uh? Hello! Michael?” Hex would stand there alone as Michael was just here a minute ago. Hex would put her hand out as she sees that her hand was disappearing. She quickly pulls away and sees that her hand was still there. “Whoa! That new. . .” Hex would take a deep breath and steps forward as she quickly was hit by a flash of white and soon was standing in small puddle of water. “What the?” Hex would look around see that she was now in a cave as it was massive seeing all the colors of gems and jewels flashing in the air as she sees Michael already at the top. “Come on Hex! Just two more rooms!” Hex would nod as she quickly runs up the hill as she makes her way to the top and sees all the beauty. The color of the gems were reflecting into the water giving it a nice sparkle and they were able to see all the Pokémon in the water. “Wow, the gym on the outside is so small but in the inside it so massive, like is this real? Or not?” Hex turns to face Michael as he just shrugs. “Who knows, but it beautiful. That for sure. . .” Michael turns around and walks through the portal again as Hex didn’t want to be left behind.

They entered the portal as they were now in Sinnoh. They some how made it to Celestic town. “Oh, uh hey fun fact. Amil was born in this town just a little heads up!” The town was empty of course but it seems so real and beautiful. The shrine was in the middle of the town as on the walls were two Pokémon that she never seen before. “Uh, Michael who are those two?” Hex asked as Michael just shrugs. “I don’t know, I never been to Sinnoh so I can’t say.” As he said that a female voice could be heard.

“There names are Dialga and Palkia. There the ones who made this world. . .” Amil stood there as she walks down the stairs. “There the master of space and time. My grandma told me that, these once powerful legendary Pokémon use to live here right in this town. . .I always thought it was just a fairy tale. . .But, I’m soon starting to understand what she meant.” Amil would walk to the wall and smile. “Maybe, will get to see one, one day.” Amil would turn around to face Michael and Hex. “Ahem! I mean! Let’s get going!” Amil would smile as she blushes a bit.

“Follow me through this house! This is where I use to live with my Grandma!” Michael and Hex follows her as they enters the house and see a mirror right there in front of the fire place. “Alright, ladies first!” Amil would bow waiting for Michael and Hex to go inside the mirror. Michael would step on the chair and go right through the mirror as Hex does the same. “Uh, Amil?” Hex stops as she looks at Amil. “Huh? What’s wrong Hex?” Amil looks at her confused. “Uh, I was just wondering. Do you miss you home?” Hex looks up at Amil as her face changed a bit as she looks away from Hex. “Sometimes, but my home is here now. So, I don’t really mind.” Amil would smile at Hex as she nods and climbs through the mirror and Amil just laughs to herself. “Yeah, I miss it. . .” She climbs into the mirror and pops right out of the entrance of the gym. “Alright! We’re here now, Let’s get out of here!” Amil walks out of the gym and takes a deep breath and exhales. “Ah! You can really feel that autumn air!” Hex and Michael steps out and see the beauty of the town. “It sure is nice, you got everything you need Amil?” Michael asked as she just stands there and nods. “Yup! Got my coloring set! My Pokémon, mega Stone! Food! Clothes, I’m already to go!” Amil unzips her fanny pack and grabs a Pokéball. “Alright Mawile come out and walk!” Amil tosses her Pokéball out and her Mawile jumps out of the ball and stands there proud. “Mawile!” Hex eyes sparkled as she never saw a Pokémon like this one before. “Wow! She so cute! She a fairy type right? Wow she so pretty!”

Amil would laugh as she pets Mawile head. “Yeah, but she doesn’t like begin called cute. She likes begin called, tough. Ain’t that right Mawile?” The Pokémon would shake her head as the Mawile puts her hands on her hips and smirks. “But don’t let tough personality get to you. She a big softy aren’t you!” Amil would wrap her arms around Mawile as the Pokémon just stand there sighing as there was a faint of blush across Mawile face. “Maw. . .~” Hex would giggle as she notice Leo running to them. “Hey, Uh! Michael I gotta ask you something?” Michael would look confused. “It about Jaylee.” Michael then step forward and look serious. “What did he say?” Leo just stood there scratching his neck. “Well, he said something about resetting the world!” Michael would shake his head and cross his arms. “He said the same thing to me. . .I don’t know what he planning but, whatever it is. I don’t like it.” Leo nodded as Amil stood there lost. “Uh, who Jaylee?” Michael would turn around to face Hex. “It nothing don’t worry. . .” Amil would shake her head and put her hands on her hips as she looks at Michael with a serious face. “Michael, who is Jaylee?” Michael knew he couldn’t escape this he would sigh and cross his arms.

“Jaylee, is a friend of ours. I knew him ever since childhood. Me and him would always hang out with each other. Jaylee lived with his Grandma. He never meet his mother or his father. His mother would leave him at his Grandma house and well, she left. Never to be seen again. . .After that, Jaylee would live with his Grandma. His Grandma was to old to have a job, so he helped around the house and made sure that she was okay. He didn’t go on his Pokémon adventure just like me. He stayed home and looked after her. Poor Jaylee would constantly get beat up and bullied for living with his Grandma and for not having any Pokémon on him. Life for him was always hard for him. I remember that one time he saved a Pokémon from begin hurt the Pokémon returned the favor by scratching up his face and leaving him alone. When we turned sixteen I remembered that he caught his first Pokémon. It was a murkrow, he loved that Pokémon so much, it was his only friend he had besides me of course. After a few days of having that Pokémon he grew closer to it and soon, he came up to me and asked if we can go see the professor so we both can start on our Pokémon adventure. I of course said yes. And he was excited I told him I’ll see you tomorrow then. . .and, that when things started to spiral out of control.”

“When the day came, I waited for him to arrive so did the professor. We waited and waited, but sadly. He never came. I choose my starter. Chimchar and went back home. There I saw people gather around Jaylee house. His poor Grandma sadly passed away. He wasn’t home, or in the town. Of course I went looking for him, I didn’t find him until I entered the cave. There saw him alone, in the darkness with no expression. Just tears coming down his face. He looked up at me and walked right passed me. He didn’t say anything he just kept walking deeper into the cave.”

“When we turned 17 that was the last time I saw him, he was sent to hospital. I didn’t know why, but sadly that was the time I was moving. But I wanted to check up on him. One last time. The hospital let me in, and I saw Jaylee. He was completely skinny and looked like a damn skeleton. They had him connected to machines and made sure that he was eating something. They took his poor Pokémon away from him. And that was the last time I saw him.”

Amil would look away from Michael. “Damn, I feel sorry for him.” Leo would nodded as well. “I knew about his story. Cause when I was 15 I meet him and we became friends! We texted each other but when we turned 17 he never texted me back.” Leo would wipe his eyes as he was about to cry a bit. “I never knew, that his Grandma passed away. . .” Michael would nod as she looks at Amil. “Yeah. So there you have it that Jaylee.” Hex would stand there as she remembers what Jaylee said to her.

I can see that you have suffered as well. . .

That lined echo into her head. What is he talking about? Suffered? I didn’t suffer. Did I?

Hex looked at the ground. As she thinks to herself.

“Hex, you alright?” Michael asked as Hex was quickly snapped out of her trance and nods. “Yes! I’m okay!” Michael would nod. “Alright, Hex! We’re going to Santalune city! We’re gonna get you your first gym badge alright?” Hex would smile as she jumps with glee. “Alright!” Amil and Leo smiles as Michael nods. “Alright, everyone ready?”

Leo nods yes as he reaches into his bag and throws out Flygon. “I’m ready when you are!” Amil throws out togekiss as the fairy Pokémon spins in the air and slowly settles down on the ground like a kite. Michael tosses his Pokémon out as his Hydreigon. “Alright! Let’s get going guys!” Hex nods as she climbs on Hydreigon back as did Mawile for Togekiss as there Pokémon started to flap there wings and fly into the skies as they fly across the region. Hex would be smiling as Michael told his Hydreigon to go a bit slower for her as the dragon just snarls and obeys Michael orders. Hex was smiling as she was giggling to herself putting her hands out for the air to go through them feeling the windy breeze.

Down on the ground at Laverre town.

“So, her name is Hex. . .” Jaylee hold up a pair of binoculars as he watches them fly into the air and see them disappear into the clouds. He would smile as clenched his binoculars tight. “Hahahah!” Jaylee holds up his Pokéball as a bright flash of white flashed out as Honchkrow popped out. Jaylee would hug his Honchkrow tight as the Pokémon wrapped it wing around him. “My pretty, will show the world that, us people down below can make a difference in this cruel world.” Jaylee smile grew larger as it spread across his face.

“The world will soon know our names. . .”